Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 10, 2012 A Letter to All

Dearest Family.

Wasnt confernce just great.  I was so happy with the announcements that were made.  How great is that.  I think that the missionary work is going great.  watch out China, here we come.  We are going to be spreading the word and the work everywhere we go.  How great is it.  I love to hear that there are plenty getting their papers in and getting ready to serve the lord.  What better thing is there ot do.  I am super happy.  I really loved Holland.  He did it again, blew us all awaay again.  

As for me, I am really having a great time here in Italy.  The language is great and my companion is doing really well.  Hackamack is a great.  He is such good companion.  He is a great helper and great teacher and brings the sprirt so quickly when he speaks.  I love working with him.  Its only week one.  And I am ready for the rest f the transfer.  We are teaching Iole and she is doing great.  She is just nervous about making the wrong choice.  Pray for her.  I know that this is right.  I am so happy with the work right now.  

I hope that you enjoy these pictures.  Its great.  

Now a little something that I read and that I liked.  

A Missionary

Sometime between the whirl of teenage activity and the cnofinement to cane and rocking chair, we find a strange creature called a missionary.  Missionaries come in two varities..elders and sisters.  They comein assorted sizes, weights, and colors-green being the most common among the new ones.  
Missionaries are found everywhere, hurrying, climbing, knocking, walking and getting thrown out.  Converts love them, young grils worship them, the law tolerates them, dogs hate them, (so true) most people ignore them and Heaven protects them. 
A missionary is a composite.  It has the appetite of a horse, the enthusiasm of a firecracker, the patience of Job, the persistence of a Fuller Bush salesman, and the courage of a Liontamer.  IT LIKES LETTERS FROM HOME, invitations to sunday dinner, conference, chancks and visits from the mission president.  It isnt much for tracting in blizzards, ladies who slam doors, hats, suits and dull ties, apartments, transfers to hot areas, shaking hands at arms length with the opposite sex, alarm clocks and Dear John letters.
A Missionary is an odd character.  It can get homesick, discouraged and temporarily lose faith in the whole human race, yet nobody else can knock so boldy with sucha shaky hand.  Nobody is so early to rise or so tired at 10:30 pm.  And nobody else can get such a thrill at the end of a discouraging day from the words, "come right in, I have been waiting for you." 
A missionary is truth with a pocket full of tracts and faith with 69 cents in his pocket.  
Yes, they are all this, but a strange limp will rise in its throat the day it recieves a letter of release, and on arrival home, its homecoming speech will probably contain the phrase it once considered trie. " The time I spent in the mission field, was the happiest time of my life.  

I really love that. ALL OF IT IS TRUE!!!  Keep your heads up...look forward with faith.  The Lord has not left us alone.  Love you all

Anziano Treadway

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September 26, 2012 Transfers

So transfers are here.  I am loving it here in Bergamo.  I told a member its just like Heaven here.  There are so many people to talk to.  there are so many members and its BEAUTIFUL!  i love the things that are going on here.  The work is going really well.  We are seeing many miracles and the people are coming out of the wood work we will say.  I am getting a new companion named Anziano Hackamack.  I dont know much about him, except that he is young.  So I am going Senior comp.  Thats cool.  

This week we taught a 74 year old lady named Yoli.  AMAZING!!!  So ready for the gospel.  It was insane.  She had her husband die a couple of years ago and she didnt know where he was or if she would ever see him again and we were just teaching so much with the spirit, hard core testimony and getting her to understand that she can be with him forever.  It was such a good lesson.  And she even said that she would be baptized if she found that the book of mormon was true.. Let me just say that that is a miracle in itself.  An old Italian woman ready to change.  WOW!!  So we are going to use some major member power to get her goign and keep her going.  WOOOOHHHH!!!!

We had a baptism this Saturday.  It was great.  Gaetano was so ready for his baptism.  And he was such a happy little kid.  So innocent.  It was great.  His father baptized him.  It was great.  The meeting was so powerful and we had some investigators at the baptism. i think that the work here in Bergamo is going to be going so well here.  You watch, its going to be blowing up here pretty soon.  We got Gaetano a picture with a frame.  It was so perfect.  He is such a cool kid.  I know that he is going to be going on a mission.  

hmmm...lets see.  I love you all.  I hope that things are going okay for you all.  I know that things are going well here.  I am working hard.  Really tired.  But so happy.  

I love you

Anziano Treadway