Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013 WEEK 3 ON THE JOB

Well what a week.  I think that this week passed faster than any of the others so far.  And its just getting quicker.  I guess, its not really week 3 but whatever, i will leave it like that.  This week, we went to Como and to Livorno to do apartments, and I am just beat.  

In como we set up a new apartment with some of the funnest missionaries that I know.  We were up till 1 o clock though finishing everything because we needed to get it done before the next day, we have things to do.  Everything is going really well with the putting things together, I just know now that Ikea is the coolest place ever to buy some cheap furniture.  I should work for them when I get home just putting things together, because I can put together things super quick, without a problem.  

Livorno, what a place, Bring San Diego and put it in Italy.  It was so nice to just smell the air and feel the breeze and see the water, and the sunset.  It was such a peaceful time.  We broke down their old apartment, that is the most fun part about this calling.  I love just kicking in old desks and just destroying it all.  I am really happy that I am doign this, AND I get to meet a lot of missionaries, AND I get to take some to the most beautiful drives ever.  Driving down to Livorno was along the beach and through the mountains of Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, (not the hills unfortunately).  Things went really well Until about 11 o clock when I went to sleep on the couch in the new apartment.  The previous owner was a cat lover and the way that things work here in Italy is when you move, you leave pretty much everything, so her cats I think LOVED the same couch that I slept on...and in the morning, I was asthma attack, not being able to open my eyes.  It was bad, I took 4 benadryl and got out of there as fast as possible.  It was really bad.  

yesterday, President Dibb arrived.  That was pretty cool.  He seems really cool, havent been able to really sit down and talk to him yet, I dont think that I will have time for that for a while being that he is the president.  He has things to do, but I mean, he seems really cool.  And his wife is really nice. I am going to miss the Wolfgramms a ton, but I guess there are things that I have to learn from President Dibb.  That is how it works.  He has my full support.  

As a final shout out....GEM!!!!  (grow every missionary, the mission battle cry)

non mi stanchero mai

Anziano Treadway

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 22, 2013 Week 2 on the job

Ciao Tutti

This week was really fast.  I cant believe that it just flew the way that it did.  We were very busy the entire time so that was nice.  We had a lot of apartment stuff to do.  Monday we were here in Milano building a sisters apartment and putting in desks.  I will say, things have gotten super hot here, and the pores have opened up and now I am just dripping sweat like nothing.  Arms, legs, face, its like a rain forest.  

Anyways, Tuesday we had a very cool conference.  It was the last of President Wolfgramm...he goes home next week.  That is weird, I never saw this day coming the way that it did.  Its just like he was here, and now its his time, and the thing is, its in the middle of a transfer, and so there is going to be really no, NATURAL break, if you know what i mean.  With missionaries going home, there is that type of 6 week period and you know that they are going home, but with this, its in the middle of this period and he goes home.  But the conference was great anyways.  We talked all about the restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon.  Super cool conference.  At the end, he left us a blessing, and that was really sweet.  I am really going to miss him.  And Sister Wolfgramm.  They have been awesome mission parents. 

Thursday and Friday this week we went back to Padova to finish up the work that was there.  Things went rather smoothly, we had to destroy the apartment inside and throw it all away, and then take on the garage that has just been packed full with stuff from the past 20 years.  Talk about a ton of junk.  We found alot of weird things.  Seriously...stuff that you would never guess.  Well maybe you would, but over like 20 rims for bike tires, 2 bike frames, 6 bikes, tons of tools that were useless, and then garbage for a while.  Yeah we did 2 dump runs, FULL dump runs, and the dump guy didnt let us go to the third one, he wouldnt let us in...what a jerk, because we had put too much stuff in the dump, lets think about that, I cant put garbage in the dump, because I already put too much...yeah that doesnt make sense.  So much for that.  

That brings us to now, things are good, I am tired, I played basketball with President today.  that was a ton of fun, but I havent worked out like that for years...hahahhaa.  

Love you guys

Anziano Treadway

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013 WEEK 1 ON THE JOB

Oh boy oh boy, talk about California Sheet Metal again.  I had forgotten How much I love doing manual labor with my hands.  Just getting down and doing things.  My hands have taken a hit, i felt so week after workign for 2 hours.  I have lost all of my callises, I think that is how you say it.  Anyways, its been fun.  For the past two days, we have been in 3 different cities and built a lot of things.  In Padova, we built everything for the entire apartment.  Beds, desks, chairs, wardrobes, everything and we are just beat.  And then we woke up this morning and drove to Trento, a beautiful city in the mountains.  Its was great, but we went there for business, and we built some more desks and chairs, and then destroyed another apartment, the old one, just broke everything.  Well, my emails are going to get more and more boring because i am going to be doing the same thing for the longest time, and I dont think that I will be able to be teaching anyone..Its going to be a strange transfer.  BUT MY COMP is SUPER FUN!  He is from Cali too so we are going to have a good time together.  It doesnt feel like its been 3 days, only like a couple hours.  And its a good thing that if I get frustrated, I will have somethign to do, like put up a cabinet or something. Dad, thanks for the letter, I just got it too...its awesome.  I love the pictures.  those are great ties.  wonder who planned that one.  

Well love you guys.  Keep going 

Anziano Treadway

Friday, June 14, 2013

June 12, 2013 TRANSFERS......

Good afternoon everyone...
Well on Monday, I got a call from President Wolfgramm and I am going to be transfered.  I am going to be moved to Milano...the center, and I will be doing a particular assignment.  I am going to be a Traveling Assistant.  WOAH!  My job is basically to go around the entire mission and fix and construct, and find and do everything for apartments because right now we are getting a ton of new apartments.  So that is what I will be doing.  I will also be trying to find some time to do missionary work with the missionaries in their own cities, but for the next 6 weeks I am going to be doing a different side of missionary work.  Its going to be a big time change, but it will be very fun and very cool.  I will see a ton of the cities in the mission.  I am excited.  I am going to be serving with Anziano Moh, who I know pretty well.  I am excited to be with him.  He is super fun to hang out with, and be around, so that will be fun.  First comp from California.  YEAH!!  

This week has been awesome.  I actually did a split with Anziano Moh on thursday ad we had a bunch of success.  We work well together with how we talk and teach and so its a great time.  I went to gorizia.   Horrible looking city..but its okay.  Then on Saturday, we did a missionary concert and we all sang and had a really good turn out.  It was just another way that we could do some missionary work, we needed to change something, so we had 12 missionaries come and perform and it went really well.  But sunday was just amazing. Sunday night, Anziano Russel M. Nelson the apostle came to the stake and did a fireside.  He had an amazing message to bring.  That the biggest most important message that we can bring is to follow the commandments of God.  How true that is.  He had some amazing thoughts and afterwards he shook the hand of everyone.  It was aweomse. It was really a wonderful time.  He remembered you Pops.  That was cool.  We got to take a picture with him, all the misisonaries.  It was sick. 
Things are looking up. Its getting hot.  I am going to have a great week.  Love you all
Anziano Treadway

June 5, 2013 IT'S POURING!!

Man so this week, we have been seing some great blessings.  I have been super hapy with the way that things are going.  We had a sick miracle.  On thursday we had planned to see an ex investigator, just past by and see what was up...and so we went and there was no one there and they didnt want to know anything when we called.  My back up plan was to do some tracting there in that area.  As we knocked...nothing was going...just another day, then the last door opened and a Filipina was sitting there and let us come in and we started to talk.  We talked about the family and then the daughter came in, perfect oppurtunity to help a family.  When we brought out the book of mormon, the mom confessed that she was a member of the church but hasnt come in a while because she has been working.  Come to find out, she was the same member that we have been looking for for the longest time, she had abbandoned her house and changed her phone number, but being that she hadnt come to church in a while, she didn tell the church...boom!! Found her and the family is interested, and so we are starting to work with them.  SWEET!  Then the next day we found 2 brothers that are here away from home, the are from Romania and so they have a family there are we talked to them about the Book of Mormon, and they were wanting to know more, we are going to see them on Friday.  And then sunday, we set up 4 return appointments.  The work is finally coming together.  Just in time for transfers, which are next week.  Which means letters...if you wanted to send me something, just send it to the office until I know where I am going, of if I am going, i will tell you next week. 
Endurance has paid off.  "We trust in God and we go on"

Love you guys
Anziano Treadway