Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

Okay so hello everyone. 

I have had the best week of my mission experience so far.  However the older missionaries from the zone left us.  There were 19 that took off for Italy on Monday leaving the only 8 left going to italy.  Its sweet though to be able to be so close to my district and zone.  Oh by the way...OFFICIALLY THE ZONE LEADER OF ZONE 33 in the MTC.  Way stoked but humbled about the ability to serve my fellow missionaries.  Anziano Money and I are both the Zone leaders.  Awesome time.  We continue to push forward in la lingua.  I think its funny because suddenly im actally not able to remember the word in English so i say it Italian.  Its just how I do it.  I can understand the pain that everyone goes through when they get back.  This new program has completely changed everything about the MTC and people start losing their english before they leave.  Quite hilarious.  Taught 5 more lessons in Italian.  I challenged someone to be baptized.  (mind you its all fake) and she decided to throw out that she was already baptized in the Catholic church.  NO BENE!!!!  NO MI PIACHE DOPO that comment.  So i looked at Money and told her in beautiful flowing italian that her baptism was a great way to show her love to the lord but It was not done with the proper authority and the only way to show complete love and desire to follow christ is through baptism with the correct authroity.  that really blew her away, blew me away and blew my companion away when she agreed and wanted to be baptized.  Money, after the lesson, was just like...Dude, really, where did that come from.  that was awesome.  All i can say is that the Lord is blessing me for all the prayers that I am saying and the obedience to all the rules of the WHITE BIBLE!!  I am doing the best I can to be the best and I can see the blessings in the language. 
On another note, I am loving Anziano Money.  i dont know a time that I have been frustrated with him.  He absolutely blows me away with his  love and support that he has for me.  I love that guy and I know now!!! that we will be friends for a lifetime.  Never believed that saying, YOUR COMPANION WILL BE FRIENDS FOR A LIFETIME!!  Now i do understand.  I love the zone that I am in.  Couldnt be happier. 
Ok, the hamburger.  yeah it was stuck for about an hour and a half.  i was supposed to teach right after it happened and i was just halking lugies the entire time.  Didnt know what to do.  So I prayed that there would be a way for me to be an instrument in the lords hands and teach this lesson well.  I asked for the lord to provide a way.  I get to class and the person that we were supposed to teach didnt show up.  We didnt have to teach.  I immediately said a quick prayer of gratitude.  Such an awesome thing to see.  I didnt have to teach with Hamburger stuck in my throat.  the lord provided a way for me to be successful.  It went down about 30 minutes later.  Then the person came and we had to teach him.  I did so wonderfully and with the spirit. As for the steriods..havent missed a day.  14 days strong or something like that.  I will need more of pravcid and steriods.  ASAP!!!  The addiddas is totally fine.  It is completely appropriate. I asked.  It would be wonderful to get a package sometime. with some more love from home.  AW$SOME!!
Love you all...
Anziano Treadway.
PS...Im going to write that letter for you brian in full Italian today.  I think that you got my letter with the italian testimony right????

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Well Hello Everyone. 
I hope that everyone is doing really well.  I am doing great.  Just got back from the temple so the spirit is strong and things are all good.  So I guess that Utah is supposed to get about 4 feet of snow here pretty soon.  I think tonight.  I have been wearing short sleeves pretty much every day.  Way nice.  I am way happy about the way the weather has been.  Now i'll probably hvae to wear a jacket.  :(  Anyways.  The lingua is going pretty well. I have taught 10 lessons in full Italian so things are looking up.  The devotionals that we have a really nice to have because they really keep me invested in the work.  Everyone once in a while i think to myself that it would be much easier for me to just pack up and come home, but with the help of my loving companion Anziano Money, i stay here and I begin to love it again.  The spirit is way strong so i know that I am doing the right thing by staying.  This past week we did SYL for a day, it where you only speak your mission language, that was definitely one to remember.  I was able to communicate a lot and be able to get around the place quite well actually.  Silent sunday....wasnt really silent.  I was bearing my testimony, saying prayers and having full convos with my district and the older Anziani. Which is funny because they arent actually older than me.  I am actually older than they are, at least about 4 of them.  they just put a different availibilty date.  Which is totally fine with me.  They head out next week for Italy.  Im way happy for them. 
I am scared for the coming weeks.  We are doing SYL for a whole week.  ONLY ITALIAN for the WHOLE week.  But i know that when you push yourself as a missionary the lord will bless you with the extra push for things that you arent quite sure that you can do.  Its so true.  When I am teaching a lesson, i feel as though the spirit is speaking through me because I am saying things that I didnt know how to say and then Money will turn to me after and ask, "what did you just say??  I didnt get any of that!!"  I dont know man, I am just talking.  Its way sweet to be able to get some of that experience.  I dont think I made it clear in the last letter that the MTC has a new program where it is only the mission language the teachers speak to you.  I hear all the time that we are going to be the most prepared missionaries ever going into the field when it comes to the language and the gosple.  I am way happy for that.  It makes me feel like I can do it.  I knew that I could, especially after I reread my patriarchal blessing.  such an awesome read.  Its all about MEE!!! 
We were doing a stress management class for missionaries.  It was funny.  They had a 4 stage thing...everyone said they were on stage 3 and I agreed, (thats like, ripping your hair out stress, just to clue you in, constant headache and just not understanding anything that Sorella Fairbanks was saying. )  Well she then asked us in English *applause broke out* how do we get back to stage one.  Immediately, everyone said in Unison...except me, Anziano treadway just tells a story and we are all back to normal.  They really love the stories about the metal shop and baseball and treadway trek.. its a real hit.  I love making those guys happy...i just try to stay on a very happy level of stress, keep things easy going and make em smile.  It works.  Everyone is getting along really well.  im the life saver. 
So awesome.  I am a straight up baller.  11 three point shots all swish on friday.  6 saturday 5 monday 6 yesterday. I am logging them to see how many i can make in the entire time im here.  BALLING!!  Havent gained any weight.  Lost 5 pounds.  Food isnt everything that people brag about.  DRY MEAT!!!  I miss MOMMAS MEATLOAF and a bbq chicken off the grill.  what i really miss...HOMEMADE MAC A CHEESE AND SOME GRILLED CHEESE SANDWHICHES.  I hope i always expressed the love for you food mom.  I miss it. 
Hmmmm....almost done with Alma, doing really well..
The package was awesome.  that made my day. 
Love you all
Anziano Treadway

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 22, 1012

Subject: Re: WE GOT IT!!!

Lemme just say this.  First day awesome.  Everyother day after that....even better.  It was such an awesome week.  I am getting decent at the language.  Our teacher started talking to us in Italian the first dayu and hasnt stopped since.  Way buzzkill, i thought that it was going to be a gradual thing.  Baptizm by fire.  I can bear my testimony, UNSCRIPTED in Italian as well as prayers.  I can only say some basic things but I learn new words every day.   Way awesome to be able to do some Italian.  Umm...Russell M Nelson spoke to us about the gathering of israel last night.  It was such an awesome talk.  I have been taking so many notes..yeah something that I dont do.  So many notes though. 
The zone leaders are awesome guys.  WE get along so well.  Me and Anziano Money are always with them.  I really have grown to love the work here.  I can't wait to get in the field even after one week.  its just such a wonderful oppurtunity that we have here to learn and feel the spirit all day every day.  Im sorry I dont have much time.  only 12 minutes to write a whole email is not enough for me because i really dont have much time and but i know that it is for a good reason.  I have been staying by the rules.  I did my laundry.  I have seen chris yang, cammeron hunsinger and i play basketball together everyday.  Simi and i eat at the same time.  its way sweet.  ian should be coming in today.  i am going to see him.  Can't wait to have some more familiar faces. 

Love you family...stay strong.  The lord loves you.  I love you. 
BRIAN...Read your scriptures and take at least two girls out with that $$$

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Milan Countryside

Milan Fontana di Trevi
Countryside in Milan
Train tour from Milan to Swiss Alps