Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28, 2013 I ALMOST FORGOT

Hey you is it going???  I almost forgot to write this.  You are lucky that i remembered right at the end.  things are going well here in ravenna.  But i think that I am going to be transfered here really soon.  I hope that God does the right thing.  But i like getting a new city, because things get reallly alike when you stay with a companion for a long time, but I love anziano Allen.  things are great with him.  I just want to see more of italy.  But we stayed inside all week this week because i was really sick.  it wasnt what i wanted to do, usually i wouldnt stay inside, but i was really hurting.  Everything.  Sore throat, congestion, aching.  The whole shabang.  But in the end, we got out on sunday. Hopefully we see some help in the city.  We could use it.  I would really love to be teaching a whole lot, but that isnt happening, we have some work to do in the finding and teaching department.  But that is okay.  so problem, but we ofound some people on sunday and monday.  A couple of sweet people that we are going to see tomorrow.  I really hearing that phrase, yeah i would like to hear about this.  hahahaha.  we had a good scambio on monday. We found a sweet filipino lady that was super sweet.  I really think that we are going to have some good success with her.  she had a baptisimal date in the phillipines.  Things are looking good.  Our bap date is amazing.  He is really having some good help from god.  he stopped smoking and drinking and has been reading so much in the book of mormon.  Do you realize the importance of THAT BOOK!!  its so true and we dont know why people dont realize it.  But we are still using it to try and get some people.  What other ideas do you have for finding work??? The apartment kind of went down, meaning that the contract wasnt accepted or somethng and now we have to probably find another one.  GREAT!!  I dont know .  I hope not.  But I love you guys so much.  I love the help and support that you guys are giving me.  I am working really guys are great.
Anziano Treadway

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 20, 2013 I Know I Am Here For A Reason

Prophets, seers, and revelators assign missionaries under the direction and influence of the Holy Ghost. Inspired mission presidents direct transfers every six weeks and quickly learn that the Lord knows exactly where He wants each missionary to serve.
A few years ago, Elder Javier Misiego, from Madrid, Spain, was serving a full-time mission in Arizona. At that time, his mission call to the United States appeared somewhat unusual, as most young men from Spain were being called to serve in their own country.
At the conclusion of a stake fireside, where he and his companion had been invited to participate, Elder Misiego was approached by a less-active member of the Church who had been brought by a friend. It was the first time this man had been inside a chapel in years. Elder Misiego was asked if he might know a José Misiego in Madrid. When Elder Misiego responded that his father’s name was José Misiego, the man excitedly asked a few more questions to confirm that this was the José Misiego. When it was determined that they were speaking about the same man, this less-active member began to weep. “Your father was the only person I baptized during my entire mission,” he explained and described how his mission had been, in his mind, a failure. He attributed his years of inactivity to some feelings of inadequacy and concern, believing that he had somehow let the Lord down.
Elder Misiego then described what this supposed failure of a missionary meant to his family. He told him that his father, baptized as a young single adult, had married in the temple, that Elder Misiego was the fourth of six children, that all three boys and a sister had served full-time missions, that all were active in the Church, and that all who were married had been sealed in the temple.
The less-active returned missionary began to sob. Through his efforts, he now learned, scores of lives had been blessed, and the Lord had sent an elder from Madrid, Spain, all the way to a fireside in Arizona to let him know that he had not been a failure. The Lord knows where He wants each missionary to serve.
In whatever manner the Lord may choose to bless us during the course of a mission, blessings of missionary service are not designed to end when we are released by our stake president. Your mission is a training ground for life. The experiences, lessons, and testimony obtained through faithful service are meant to provide a gospel-centered foundation that will last throughout mortality and into the eternities. However, for the blessings to continue after the mission, there are conditions that must be met. In the Doctrine and Covenants we read, “For all who will have a blessing at my hands shall abide the law which was appointed for that blessing, and the conditions thereof” (D&C 132:5). This principle is taught in the story of the Exodus.

February 20, 2013 What A Week!

How is everyone??  Seriously, this week went so fast.  I dont even know what happened to it.  We left thursday to go do 2 baptismal interviews for some awesome people.  The district is really teeaching some awesome people.  And they are getting baptized this sunday.  This week was a little rough for one of them, she didnt want to get baptized on her day, but that sunday she had a really good day is getting baptized on Sunday.  Its great when the district baptizes.  And that is what we are doing.  There are going to be many more as well.  Its going really great.  We are all working very hard.  Also Thursday we had an amazing lesson with some guy that we met on the street, and he invited his friend Davide to the lesson.  And they both ate it up, and then Davide came to church and he was doing great.  He liked it and is coming back next sunday.  Things are going great.  Then Friday we had a super awesome day for Interviews.  We met with President and things are just awesome in the mission.  I was so grateful that i was able to talk with him for a little.  He is super great. 
We had a really good week, we taught a lot, i am doing well.  I know that Baseball is starting up again, and it seems like its been literally no time since the last time it started.  things are going so fast, its out of control.  I remember last season starting and dying to hear what was going on in the leauge.  But now, I just want this season, before it has even started, to be over with.  I WILL BE BACK TO YOU SOON BASEBALL!!  Man alive, which also means that all my buddies are starting baseball too.  that is crazy.  man!!  You  know how insane this is. 
It sounds like all you are doing well.  Going to Hawaii and such.  Lucky..its nice and cold here.  Its looking like there is going to be 4 days of snow coming up. favorite.  I miss cali sun. 
Well I miss you all so much. 
Anziano Treadway

February 13, 2013 Hey Everyone!!

Whats good homies....hahaha.  Things are going really good.  We are really moving forward here in Ravenna.  We are really enjoying our time together me and Anziano Allen....Anziano Allen and I...there you go mom.  We are really loving the Branch.  We are trying to help everyone out to grow their testimonies.  We have a Fireside this Friday about missionary work.  Its going to be really good.  We are talking about Preach my Gospel, and we are talkign about how to talk to people about the gospel.  Its easy when you practice right. 
Its great to hear about all the people that are going on missions at home.  I really miss hearing about peoples call but I am out here.  If someone gets a better call than Italy, let me know.  Hahahha.  Its going to be one to beat.  I love my mission.  Its going down as the number one mission in the world.  I will bet that there are some of you that are totally agaisnt that, but thats why we have our own opinions.  Hahahaha. 
So I wanted to let you guys hear this...we were riding our bikes on Monday, just going to an appointment.  As we were riding, Anziano Allen and I got a little to close together and his handle bar went underneathe mine.  Being rubber, the dont slide very easy...and the stuck together, as he turned away, it turned my bar, and I FLEW!!!  Over the handle bars, and he flew was just what we call YARD SALE in skiing.  It was funny.  We were fine, I just got some nice bruises, but the bike wasnt, the tire was completely bent in half.  DANG!!  It was 40 euro to fix, MAN!!  But in the end we laughed it off.  hahahaha. 
We had a really long morning.  I had to go to the questura and do fingerprinting for my renewal of my permesso to stay in the country.. its okay though.  We are all good.  we made it out in 2 and a half hours.  yeah. 
We finally finalized the new apartment, however, I WILL NEVER SEE IT!  We got a really nice one but there is so much that they have to do with a brand new kitchen that its not going to happen in 6 weeks.  I could go away before i see the fruits of my labor, but that is okay.  I guess thats what we deal with in the mission so no big deal.  I will just find another apartment in another city.  I am getting good at it.  Hahahha.  I want to be finished and see a really nice apartment.  But I dont know if i will be lucky enough.  BOH!!
Our ballers are doing good.  Our investigators i mean, We have one baptismal date that is going well.  he is really making some major progress and we are about to really work with him.  he is getting close.  Our others are going to be making some progress here soon but we have been doing some major work, and so its been really hard to have the time to see them when they can see us.  So we are going to dedicate our time so we can see them and help them.  I hpoe that things go well.
I love you all
Anziano Treadway

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 6, 2013

Things are going so well.  I am loving the work.  I am seeing major miracles.  I love the way that things are going here in Ravenna.  I am acutally just called to be district leader here over the Zone leaders and 2 other missonaries.  Its a big responsibility but I am honored for what God has entrusted me with. I needed it too, something to really keep me motivated.  I have seen so much change in myself, I am willing to chage.   We had some great stuff go on this week.  We saw this guy and we taught some major powerful words.  WOW!  the spirit was so strong and we were all crying at the end of the prayer.  I hope that he notcied the spirit there.  I know that he is going to be baptized.  My mother, I miss you so much. I love you.  You are great.  
Love you

February 6, 2013