Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013 What's going on everyone?

Hey everyone...I know that my subject lines are boring.  I think that I could switch it to numbers but that would be really trunky. Hahahhaha.  Just kidding.  Well, things are going well with me.  i am sane, I am in good health, no jinx, I am really happy too.  We are doing some really good work here, and its just going to take a little bit of time, but I am not worried. 
So this week, we have decided that Area Book is really important.  And to be honest with you, its powerful.  We prayerfully chose some people to pass by and when we went by, almost all of them were there and we are going to have appointments with them this week and next, its amazing.  I am so grateful for the people that wrote the info in the Area Book to help us out in the past.  So we found actually 2 families off of Area Book and so they are looking very promising.  they are seriously blessings from GOD!!  I am so grateful that everything is going well.  A famliy that just had  ababy and then another couple that are super awesome.  I hope that God knows what we know, ITS THEIR TIME!
So Reincarnation, I just thought that it was a thought that no one ever really took to mind but we have had some great experiences lately, with 4 people that are hard core believers.  Its weird, it doesnt make sense.  One lady said that God came to her in body and told her about it, and then also told her a lot of good things about our church, but she is in her last life so she doesnt have to worry.  hahahha.  whatever...its something so weird, but we just move on. 
Our new investigators John and Fidelis, both got the priesthood the other day.  It was great. They are making a lot of progress. I am so pleased with them.  They are doing really well.  the lord has really blessed them.  I know that its because they took the right step and now they are finding work and stuff.  Its great. 
We think that we found the new aparment.  BOH!!  I will keep you updated...we are still at our old one for a while.  Dont worry. 
I love you all.  You such great help. 
Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013 What's going on e'verbody

Hey guys, I feel like we havent emailed for like a week or something.  Hahahaha.  No, I am doing really well.  I usually can keep my spirits up during the week.  I am doing really well here, this week was a little difficult but thats normal, we had some people fall through but that is okay.  Its been colder here in Italy, but its weird that on Pday its really nice, I am only wearing a sweatshirt, so its all good.  I am really enjoying Ravenna. 
So this week we have been looking for  a new apartment.  Its not fun.  I dont like it because it doesnt give us a lot of time do work.  We are usually doing it during the time that isnt good for work so we arent losing too much time.  But seriously, we should have one here pretty soon.  I will let you know if the address changes.  I dont think it will for about 4 weeks...but we will see, transfers are coming up, we never know with President what is going to happen. 
So we had a lunch with some one on Thursday and it was really strange, she started talking about some dreams that she was having that she needed to write a book parallel to the Book of Mormon and record all her visions and stuff.  it was weird, she has a little reputation about this in italy, i have heard about her from another city too.  And then I finally met her, she is weird, but she is coming back to churhc so hopefully we can get her back on track with the gospel and truth and such.  I hope so.  Its going to be a doozy but that is what the mission is for.  I feel like I am learning so much, This is the refiners fire, I know I needed to learn, just didnt know how much.  SO WE WILL SEE
We found an amazing family that is really ready for the gospel.  They have known the missionaries for a while now, but finally seems to be ready this time.  I think that we are going to see some miracles with this one.  He is super bravo, accepted us freely and accepted the baptismal invite quick.  ITs amazing to see someone that is so ready.  the spirit was present the entire time during the lesson.  Such a blessing, i got out of the lesson and thought, "that was the first lesson that strong in Ravenna".  I really hope that he felt the spirit too.  We will see him soon. 
Other than that, I keep moving, I keep rolling.  I love this work, and you guys are ballers
Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Everything is going great here in Ravenna, we are actually here in Firenze for the day because we had a conference here yesterday that was really good.  I was happy with it.  I am trying to learn as much as I can.  Its weird to hear the testimonies of the missionaries that I know really well, and they are going home.  Its sad, but I hope that things go well for them.  It was good to hear from Anziano Scheurn.  He is a baller.  I miss him.  We were like best friends, people thought we were brothers.  But I know that he is giong to kill it at home.  Speaking of that, MATT, wow.  That is crazy, how fast does 2 years go.  I dont know what to even think.  I remember thinking about that when he went home, I would have less than a year, but its here and its been so fast.  (I dont knwo what happened to the font)  BOH!! 
You guys should be super thankful that you dont have to get citizenship in Italy.  Its a pain, we were in the comune for like 5 hours getting anziano Allens fingerprints and then we have to watch a video and then go back...mamma mia, thats the last thign that we want to do as missionaries.  BUT WE GOTTA DO IT!!  Its good.  I have to do mine too. 
So on church, we had the craziest things happen, we were sitting there and this lady walked in, I had never seen her.  She was a member that hadnt come to church for years...then she just walked in.  CRAZY!!  And then a guy just walked in wanting to know more about the church.  INSANE!!  Miracles.  God is looking out for his kids.  I love the gospel.  We got 5 new investigators last week.  Its great.  We are getting people to teach.  I know that things are going to turn around here.  But I really am enjoying finding work.  The lord is willing to bles.
I love you all
Anziano Treadway

January 9, 2013 AY OHHHH!

Whats going on  I am out here, I am loving whats going on.  You know what is going on here.  LOTS OF FINDING!! But I can tell you what.  Things are going really well.  llike you said dad, I can go as fast as I want and the greenie has got to follow right.  Hahaha.  He is doing a really good job keeping up.  We are working really hard.  We kind of need to, we arent having a ton of success, but it will come.  the lord is looking at our hard work.  I know that his hand will come.  Actually it already has.  He has blessed us with maybe two families that we can start teaching here this week.  I think that this could be exactly what we are waiting for. I have really taken the obedience to another level.  PRECISE EVERYTHING!!  Time going out, time coming in, planning, talking to people.  IT IS REALLY HELPING WITH THE WORK!  Yeah we get rejected by everyone, wait not...yeah EVERYONE but the Lord has blessed me.  Not because I need it, but he has shown me that he is still there.  We have had a lot of good conversations lately, about the Scriptures.  About life in general.  Now things are really starting to make sense.  I love the revelation that we can get from the lord if we kneel down and pray.  He is totally willing to bless us.  I have seen it in my life. 
Well I hit my year mark.  Yea, that didnt seem too long did it.  I feel like this is going to be the fastest year of my life.  There are some milepoints that are going to make it even faster, beginning with matt coming home and then Brian graduating, then leaving for his mission.  MAMMA MIA!!  I am ready for it, are you ready to keep up.  A little bit of my last companion has stuck with me.  I am working out every day.  Its weird, I am desiring to run, I cant wake up without it now.  But thats something totally different.  I am really coming home in shape.  YOU WILL SEE!!  Got to be.  Mens softball is going to be good.  Hahahahha. 
I love you all.  I have had an amazing week
Anziano Treadway