Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 27, 2013 Che cavallo voui

Hahaha, that is already one of those really sweet jokes that I have with my companion.  I love him.  He is awesome. 

Well How is everyone doing?? Ihope that you are all good.  I am really doing well here in Mestre.  I havent been to Venice yet.  Its not really a great place to be working, meaning, there are a ton of tourists and they love to go away after we want to set up an appointment.  But I do love the city and the people here.  htey are awesome.  Some are really really nice, and others have better excuses to not talk to us.  hahhhaa.  We have seen some awesome things and not so awesome things.  I will say that Having a car is really awesome. But people dont drive like they do in America, the speed limit at time is 90.  So I am right at home right???  I love driving when the TomTom works.  When it doesnt, its a pain, like lost for the longest time and cant figure it out lost.  Its okay that.  I know that god is alwaays guiding us right to the perfect gas station in the middle of the fields and to the right street when we dont know how we got there.  Miracles I say, but we are having a great time.  We are doing a lot of finding so there really isnt much to tallk about.  We have found some really good people, just got to see what we can do with em.  I hope things turn out the way the lord wants.  I know that this is the true church.  Easter is coming.  remember the savior.  Everything that he has done too. 
My new address in Via Monte Cengio 2/b Padova (PD) 35138 Italy

Love you all
Anziano Treadway

March 20, 2013 I'ma be on wheels!!

So wow.  Big week eh.  I feel as though the first thing that I should talk about is the call for BRIAN!!  Dude, I think that its awesome.  There are some members here in Ravenna from Ghana.  And they are the coolest guys ever.  I will say that you are going to go to some lessons and be kind of confused an wonder where there are.  I am not lying, they just sometimes dont show up.  Its rather strange.  But Its good.  I love them, they are the most awesome people.  You are going to be eating some food that you are going to be asking yourself, wait, WHAT IS THIS???  I have done it.  and I dont have the answer.  

As for me, I got the transfer call as well.  And I am going off to a very beautiful city.  Mestre, well that city isnt the most beautiful city, but there is another city in my area, 5 minutes away.  Its called Venice.  And I am super stoked about that.  I am super humbled that President called me to this city to be a zone leader.  I am really stoked to do it though.  For that reason, I am going to be on wheels.  I am going to have a car.  We arent actually going to be living in our city, rather we are going to be in a city called Padova to live because they are putting some sisters in Mestre to make room for the new missionaries.  28 are coming in.  Yeah, 18 year olds too.  Its exciting.  I might meet one.  That would be cool.  

Anyways.  I am going to miss the city, but I am excited to be serving with another awesome missionary, who is from Italy himself, so language wont be a problem.  We are whitewashing, meaning both of us are replacing the two zone leaders that were there. Big call, but we are up for it.  

Love you guys, i miss you guys.  

Anziano Treadway

Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 6, 2013 To All......from ITALY!!!

Hey everyone. 
So this week has marked the one year in Italy.  That is crazy.  I feel like I just started.  And so Its time for me to blow some Italians away and get em baptized.  no, I have been seriously blessed in my mission.  I could have asked for a better one.  ITs really the best time of the life.  Its showed me so many things that I would not have learned any where else.  I know that everything happnens for a reason now and that even though we may think that god doesnt see us, HE DOES!!  He has always got our back.  Its great. 
We have been really trying to get member present lessons to show that we can do it.  No, its the best way to teach someone because when you do, its like the best.  They have a friend for church and they have someone else to really share their time and spiritual experiences with.  i know that its the only way to baptize people.  Teach with the missionaries.  Its the best help ever.  I would love to have even more members present. 
The other day, we went to a conference in Milano with all the new missionaries in the mission.  There were over 20 or somehting in the past 2 transfers.  The next group is even bigger.  HOLY COW!!  I think that there are going to be 28 in the next meeting.  That is completely insane.  What a pleasure to be in the field during this influx.  To see it and usher it in.  I am glad Im not one of the new ones, but the one to help the new ones into their shoes.  Its great. 
We did a scambio the other day in Bologna WHICH IS AN EXCHANGE WHERE WE GO WITH OTHER MISSIONARIES, (there ye go mom).  Well it was full of some cool miracles.  We found a guy that had been looking for the church for 6 years, he was already a member.  The other part was that he called us randomly on the phone.  He was awesome. 
i love Italy.  Its really the best. 
I love you guys.  Be awesome.  I miss you
Anziano Treadway