Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

Caro Famiglie e Amici
I have survived the MTC!!!  I was told that if you can survive the mtc for 2 months you can survive anything.  There has been some major ups and downs to worry about.  The language and the companions and the getting down everything now so i dont have to do much of that in the field.  But I am so ready to go.  I have reqached my time here and Its time to move on.  I got my travel plans.  Finally got to know where I will be flying to and what times.  We lucked out witht the time that I will be leaving the MTC.  8 o clock is really nice.  Gives us that morning a little bit to get the last minutes things done.  And so my flight leaves at 11:35 from SLC.  Dont know the whole calling stuff.  We find that out on Sunday when we can call and who we can call.  I am so ready to get on a phone and say hello to my family again.  Email is nice but its much better to hear the voice influctuatione.  Anyways.  This week has not been any different than last week, or the week before that.  Same old same old tutti giorno.  But the spirirt is always with us.  And that is the nice thing.  I am way happy about that. 
Thanks for all the packages and mail that I have recieved from everyone in the past 2 months.  I look forward to it every day.   I love herring about home.  What i would like to know is how Romney is doing.  Elder Nelson told us that he was doing ok.  But that was about a month ago.  dont really know now.  And from Brian, I would like to hear a little about baseball.  Whats going on buddy., how is the new Miami looking.  Also RED SOX NATION!!!  Its every where in the world EXCEPT the MTC!!!  And its killing me.  I am dying to know whats going on.  But that stuff is just minor to the bigger things. The stuff that I am doing right now is what really matters.  I am so excited to go out and show them the truth.  Everyone needs it, and most people know that they need it.  Some of the people in the world are just happy the way they are now when True happiness comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  to know that everyone can be saved through Him.  But only if they come unto him and try to be like him.  I thought that it was interesting.  Last night the speaker was telling us a story about the testimony of the Book of Mormon.  He said that it is the only true book to get you closer to Christ.  A man will become more like him, if he reads and acts on the new knowledge.  COmpeletely true.  But i was reading in John.  And Jesus said something like this.  I cannot testify of myself because if I did the testimony would be invalid.  He cant just say that he is the son of God.  Its other people like you and me that has to go out there and share that.  Its because the stubbordness of the people that not everyone will listen, but if the open up, if they read the Book of Mormon, if they pray, THE ONLY ANSWER THEY WILL GET IS THAT IT IS TRUE!!!  Share that. 
Well I am feeling really good.  I have seen so much growth durante my time here.  I am so happy with my mission already.  Wouldnt trade it for the world. 
Vi amo
Anziano Treadway

February 15, 2012

Ciao Famiglia
Come va?  Sperto voi state bene.  Oggi e bellisimo.  Lo tempio e bene.  Lo spirito santo e molto forte in la stanza di celeste.  Amo il Signore alla benedici recivo da Lui.  Mi piache quando ho l'opputunita andare allo tempio su Meircoledi.  ma...tempo per mio email. 
Everything is going so swell.  The language has been one that I enjoy speaking to everyone that I can whenever I can.  Such an awesome place where people can share a gospel message in a different language and everyone doesn't care too much that we are doing that.  The Italians have received the reputation that all we do is share testimonies.  AND that is very true.  So very true.  We constantly are sharing our testimonies with the people of the MTC.  Its a great way for me to practice my language and share my testimony with people so I can prepare for the day that I land in Italia!!!  SONO MOLTO EMOCIONADO!!  I cant wait to have that great food in my BELLY!  The food here has plateaued and now everything kind of taste the same.  Anyways, that doesn't matter.  We have been told by a speaker that we should always look at the bright side of things.  She said, if its raining that is a good thing.  People will feel bad for you and let you in.  But if they don't, then I don't know what to tell you.  So funny.  It was a good talk.  My lessons are going a lot better.  Now all i really need to have is my Italian scriptures and then the spirit when i teach and not the preach my gospel in both languages, my set of scriptures.  Things have gotten to the point where I can say a lot of stuff about the church, now the only thing that i need to work on is the basic things, here and there kind of stuff.  some things that will help me survive.  Its ok, I can definitely learn that stuff. 
I get to see Josch a lot.  I see him here and there.  His meal time is 15 minutes after mine so that is fun to see him a lot.  He helps me confirm my stories that I tell to the people in my district.  Some people in my district don't believe me when I tell them some of the stuff that has happened in my life.  they are all from Utah, so anything dealing the cops in my neighborhood is just foreign to them.  My neighbor being held up at gun point, they did not believe that one one bit, yeah, Josch helps out a lot with that.  I see SIMI every single day. We leave on the same day.  The transfers in Italy were mixed up so I leave a week earlier so I am right in only the transfers.  So lucky about that one.  I am ready to goo!  My spelling has gotten really horrific.  The Italian language is all phone etc so if it sounds like something, that's how it is spelled.  English is so hard!  I love Italian. 
So two days ago I went to the doctor because my heart was feeling a bit weird, didn't know what it was.  He sent me and Anziano Money to go the Urgent Care and get a blood test and some heart tests done.  So i got to leave the campus.  Way sweet.  We walked down the street and people were honking and waving.  MORMON LAND IF I EVER KNEW ONE!!!  We walked one block and got like 10 honks and waves.  So weird.  But anyways,  I got the test done and its nothing to worry about.  I am all good. Just have a premature beat every once in a while.  My heart will throw in an extra beat here or there and i can feel it.  Nothing to worry about.  I just think its the spirit working a little stronger with me.  hahahaha.  Scherzo!!!!  Anyways I am all good. 
We got new Italian today.  One from Brazil, one from Australia and then the normal Americans.  that was good.  Always good to have some newbies to talk to and confuse the heck out of them. 
I love the Lord.  i have realized the blessings in my life with the people I know and the family that I have.  It is such a wonderful opportunity i have to serve the lord and share his gospel.  I am loving every minute.  Its hard but its worth it.
I love you all.  
Ci viddiamo
voi amo!
Tuo Figlio
Tuo Amico
Tuo Anziano Treadway 

February 8, 2012

Ciao Tutti,

Questo pasato setimani e bellisimo. Molto molto felicita. Io amo la MTC. Anche, sono molto emocionado per Josch a entrare la MTC oggi!!! Voglio vedere lei molto. Anyways. How is it going everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Today has been good. i have already gotten my Laundry and The Temple time done. Now I have all the way till 6 to do whatever. I am going to go see josch come in. Wait for him with Simi on the Curb. I cant wait to see him and his family. Such an awesome time for him. He is ready for everything, i know it. I know his testimony is strong. I can't wait to see his reaction quando solo Espanole sta parlando in sua classe. Hahahaha. It is going to be funny.

Same ole same ole things have been going to on here. Nothing too out of the ordinary. There wasn't any magical people that came and spoke to us. But this week has been good. I can't wait to see what this next week has in store for me. So my district, we have PDAY Wednesday obviously, so we go to the temple and we eat there, breakfast. SO GOOOD!!!  Today was probably the best since I have been here. I had an omelet and some Oreo cookie ice cream pie. BOMB!!!

Our lessons have been going to so great. We really are getting across the point that we need to and we can really feel the spirit all the time. I am loving what is going on. I can speak and bear testimony in Italian basically the entire time, and the best part about it, I COMPREHEND everything that they are saying. In the TRC we teach some real Italians, the speak so fast, but i understand everything that they are saying. One lady we have taught 4 times. Thea, and she has just fallen in love with me and money. We always have wonderful lessons with her. She teaches us just as much as we teach her. It has been great to really have such a wonderful relationship with someone like that, and its through the Gospel that we get this testimony and relationship. Way sweet opportunity. I can't wait to gain those relationships with the people in Italy. I is going to the best experience of my life.

All that my branch president says is that he cant wait to picture my on the plane, bawling my eyes out. HAHAHAHA!! when i have to leave the people in Italy that I have grown to love so much. I already love em, and I haven't even met any of them. Its because this language. So awesome. I can't wait to actually get out there and teach them.

Sorry that nothing goes on during the week here. Pretty much the same the entire time.

Oh, something about the Book of Mormon. I am reading it and everyday I get witness that it is true. If you haven't read it through once, twice or even three times. Start today. Pray to know if the book is true and through the Holy Ghost you will be able to have that witness as well. I am so grateful for that book in my life. I cant wait to bring it to the thousands of people in Italy as well. just to let everyone know. People that say that Italy is going to be a rough mission. Missionaries in the past 5 years have been coming back with 20-30 baptisms. the gospel is spreading and the Temple will also help. this gospel is simple. this gospel is true. I know it. And soon the people in Italy will know too.

Vi amo tutti

Anziano Treadway

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 1, 2012

the Mtc...the place that american missionaries love that leave in three weeks and then place that people like me!!!! WANNA RUN AWAY FROM!!!  I want to go to italy so bad right now.  I am just killing it with the italian and really flourishing.  I can't wait to be able to get on that plane and tell people that I am headed to italy. 

This week went by really fast.  All the weeks are just merging to gether.  I dont know why, but I dont really remember the days, just remember the struff that I am learnign in the days.  I am reallly growing fast in the language which is such a blessing to be able to say.  I am really grasping most of the different aspects of the language and really understanding the different hand motions.  its going to be great.  there are a few that you should NOT do whatsoever, basically means that "your wife is sleeping with another man"  Yeah bad news to do to anyone is italy.  Unless of course its true.  hahahahaha.  Jkjkjkk.  So the food here in the MTC is getting the point where we dont really know if we want to eat it.  Its way sweet to be able to eat at the Temple in the cafeteria and get some really good food.  OMLETE and HASHBROWNS cooked right in front of you.  thank goodness. 
Last nights devotional was way sweet.  It was the 50th anniversary for the MTC program.  Which meant we got to hear from some awesome people...APOSTLES!!!  Elder Nelson spoke to us again and gave a wonderful talk about Standing on the shoulders of the Giants that have proceded us...meaning my grandfather, father and my Bro.  I am standing way high on those shoulders when i think about it.  I couldnt think of three better men in a mission, except Samuel Smith, Joseph Smiths brother.  He baptized 5000 people...WHAT???  yeah.  We also got to hear the amazing testimony of Elder Holland.  Such a sweet night.  He really let us know the importance of missionary work and why we have to Stand tall, stand valiant and stand firm, because the poeple of the church look at us at such a higher standard.  We are a chosen generation. 
hmmmm...Anziano money and I are doing wonderful.  We never fight.  Always joking around!!  I couldnt have asked for a better companion.  A little about his family.  He is a DON!!!  Dad, i think you know them...Spanish Fork.  Umm his family owns some ginourmous farm in Spanish Fork.  Its been there for like 50 years or something.  Not sure if you had heard about it before or Not.  Whatever.  he is awesome.  I love him.  everything is just wonderful.  I am loving everything about the MTC.  i am studying more the language and the gospel.  I really went off and studied some other stuff for myself.  Wanted to know the whole thing about Casting out evil I devoted some time for that.  You never know what you will need.  Hahahhaaha.  Especially in Italy.  Our teachers talk about the things that they had to do.  Some family played with a wigi board and it brought hundreds of spirits.  The missionaries were actually seeing them.  When they went to bless the son, one of the ladies there said that a bubble of light covered the missionaries and darkness filled the room, and the darkness was pushing on the bubble.  When the prayer finished, the person fainted and the darkness went away.  The person that was blessed later joined the church.   The gospel is true, they cant battle the book of mormon. 
Vi amo
Anziano Treadway