Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 26, 2012 MERRY CHRISTMAS

Well here are some pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.  Merry Christmas.  You know everything that happened here with me.  I will definitely be writing more next week.  I love you all.  I am doing great.  I am really loving the mission.  Glad that I could talk to you.  Just use these pictures for the blog r soemthing.  I love ITALY.  Ready to do some genealogy, when I come home.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12,2012 IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD!

Well, this week it snowed, it was sweet to get some of the white stuff coming down on top of us.  I havent seen it snow for a while, so that was cool.  We got kicked out of a palazzo so we went and built a snowman.  Good stuff. THings are going great, if you wanted to knwo.  We are really having some good success and the people are really progressing.  In fact, we have 2 baptisms on Friday.  Our main men, Dougy and Fidelis.  They are great.  I have seen some really great people but these two guys are some of the best.  So humble, so ready to learn and just so much fun.  I cant wait to see them in white.  I will be baptizing one of them and My comp is going to baptize the other.  its going to be a good friday.  Tomorrow we are going to be making cookies for the entire branch and distributing them to everyone, one way to really grown the ward.  Its going to be fun, and then on saturday and sunday we are carolling with everyone.  its going to be really great.  i really love this City here in Ravenna.  The people are great, the are jsut cold so we are all bundling up.  Its really fun.  fWe are just having some struggles with finding, but thats okay, all missionaries have it. 
So we had an interesting day, on Thursday we were in the hospital for 5 hours.  It was horrible, I am telling you, free health care is not a good idea, okay Obama.  We sat there for litterally 5 hours, and were called in to see the doctor before this old lady, like 70 years old, with a bloody nose, not the inside, but the outside, it was so sad to see that they werent even doing anyting.  But its something that is going to change, at least i hope so.  But we were okay.  My comp had some stomach problems, all good though now. 
I love this place. I love the people, and I lvoe my mission.  Thanks for all the help and love and support that you are giving me.  I will definitely send pictures fra poco. 
Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5 Cool Stuff, Man

Well, I will start by hoping that things are a little more warmer there than here.  It was -1 degree last night.  We should be getting snow on Friday.  Its been raining Ice lately.  I am freezing.  But its okay.  Things are going great with the work.  Our investigators are so solid.  They are so ready for baptism, there are somethings that we have to overcome with one of them, but that is going to be good through prayer and fasting.  The lord will bless him.  But we should have 4 baptisms by the end of the year.  That would be great.  We just need to find the people to replace them.  Because I will say that its going to be quite hard.  The people arent really coming out of their homes.  Its quite chilly.  But the wonderful time of the year is coming.  Which is Christmas.  Are we not so blessed to have this time.  I cant wait for it.  I love this time.  I would love to be with you all, but what can you do.  Serve the lord.  Some lights are in our house, the Branch is having many activites.  Its going to be good.  I think that we are going to be able to see the Christmas devotional.  At least I hope so.  We had 5 people in church, investigators, they are amazing here. We had one bear his testimony, and then I translated into Italian, then from that, all the Africans got up and bore their testimonies, it was great.  Such a stong spirirt. 
The cold or something came through the house and we both got sick.  Really bad stomach problems and the consequences from that.  You know what I am saying.  And so I also wasnt sleeping very good, but that is also because we didnt have any heat in the house to warm us up.  I didnt know why, but I fixed the problem and now we will have a warm home to sleep in.  I hope that it gets better.  I could use some time to sleep.  Its very needed. 
I love you all.  I wish you a very merry christmas.  My mind is focused on the work.  Its got to be with my companion going home here.  Some times i stray into thinking about you all but I repent and get back into the swing of things.  I love this work.  I love the Book of Mormon.  I pray for you all. 
love you
Anziano Treadway

November 28, 2012 Hey, Long Week

Well, the week has come.  I am getting really tired, we are working really hard.  I dont know what is wrong.  I feel like I am sleeping enough, I dont know but we are constantly on the move with lessons and teaching our wonderful investigators.  I love em.  We just set 2 baptismal dates this past week.  they are literally some of the coolest people that I have met.  So willing to learn more and they read the book of mormon all the time.  They ask the greatest questions, somethat I havent heard members ask.  Its exciting how great the work is going here. Especially during this wonderful time of Christmas.  I love what its looking like here man.  All the lights are up and the spirit is in the air. Good time for Italy, its good that we are definitely feeling it.  I feel like this could be a difficult time of the year for me.  Then, I hit my year mark.  Man, time flies when you are having fun.  We had a funny experience last week, we got home to Ravenna after a split to find, that we could not find our keys.  OH NO!!  We had to take a trin back to Ferrara to get the keys, we slept there for the night and found the keys and came back to Ravenna the next morning.  Super stressfull and so long.  It was not something that I wanted to do.  Trains are not my favorite thing to do.  Its actually something that I want to stay away from.  Long day....but yeah, things are going great.  I love how the work is going.  Thanks for the help and the prayers that you are sending my way.  Oh and my new city, is great.  Ravenna, its so nice, and really great. The people are good, they sometimes talk to us, but we are really just trying to stay positive with everything.  So keep praying for me, that would really work.  Thanks for everything.  Love you all
Anziano Treadway

Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 21, 2012 Thanksgiving

Well what a wonderful week.  My birthday, was great.  Thakns for all the birthday wishes, and then tomorrow is good ol turkey day. we are going to be celebrating it with our branch here in good ol ravenna.  I love this place. it was great.  Everyone is so driven for missionary work and so the ward is so open and willing to help us.  I love it.  And we have tons of working people that are loving baptism and really want to be baptized.  I am happy for that.  The lord is blessing me for the work that I did.  I love my comp, Anziano Scheurn is just hilarious and so open to find people.  He is going home here in 5 weeks, so this transfer is going to be fast.  I am ready for it too. 
Brandon, Anziano Christensen says hi.  I ran into him at transfers, he is legit and just wanted to tell you to keep up being awesome and working hard in school.  he is legit. 
Ummm...hmm.. I will say that is rather chilly here in italy now.  I am thinking that the snow is coming here within 3 weeks.  I know that we are going to have a white christmas.  Im dreaming of it.  So lets see what happens.  I am glad for this time of the year.  I know that the savior is going to be on the minds of many people.  they are going to be a little more open to listening.  Im ready for the change. 
the lord is swiftening his work and calling more and more missionaries.  I am so excited to hear how many we are going to have here in Italy within a little bit.  Its going to be crazy.  The mission is going to double, or at least get 100 new greenies by summer.  Its goign to be SICK!!!  The lord is doing something big.  I am ready to seee it, bring on the good stuff.  People are getting baptized. 
I love this mission.  I love this work.  thanks for everything that you all are doing for me.  I love hearing from you.  Happy turkey day.  I know that I am failing with writing recently.  I need to start wrting more.  Anyways. 
Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7, 2012 KEEP GOING

So I heard the news.  Another 4 years of the President we have now.  What can you do...keep living the gospel.  There is some reason this happened. I can tell the impact its had here on the missionaries.  We are getting a lot more people starting conversations with us about the President Mormon.  Its okay.  Things will be just fine.  Just keep going with the life as it is and the Lord will bless us.  

First off, the week has been better.  I have been able to really slow down myself.  I have found that I am happier when I am diong finding, after I went to the basics, Faith and Diligence. I am reading right now in the Book of Mormon about Ammon and his brothers.  they went through a lot of stuff and still had problems.  I dont have much to be complaining about.  I am living in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The work is hard, but it cant fail, its impossible for the work of the lord to fail.  we actually just found a family of five.  Amazing, i dont know them but I know that my companion says that they are amazing.  thats just great.  I think that the work is coming back around.  Its going to be all good. I am not worried.  In my ward here, there is another sister that just left on her mission.  We have two out now.  Its really great to see missionaries going into the field.  Its been raining a ton here.  Its made it difficult.  I have been wearing scarves now, who would have thought, me wearing a scarf.  HAHAHAHA.  its supposed to snow here pretty soon.  Who knows.  I just want to thank all of you that are supporting me.  I love you all

I know that things are coming up, birthday and Christmas, let me just say something really quick..i dont expect anything, the best thing would be a wonderful letter and a picture or something.  if you just have to send a package, use a US Post flat rate envelope, cheaper for everyone, but I am doing just great.  I love hearing from you all, thats is better than anything i could get.  Let me also say, transfers are coming up.  I dont know what is going to happen, so Bergamo could be history, who knows, so the mission home is better to send things.  Okay...

I hope that everything is giong well.  I know that you are all great.  Love you
Anziano Treadway

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 23, 2012 Well, What a Week!

I think that I have come to feel what we call pure happiness.  I dont know how to describe it in any other way.  Let me just say that there is nothing else that I can use to describe it.  PURE HAPPINESS!!  And you ask me why???  Well where do i begin.  First it begins with the fact that my little brother is starting his trek on the greatest mission of his entire life.  That is good.  But then it just grows more and more starting with the work here in Bergamo.  YOU ASK WHAT!!??? How many investigators, well lets just say we have had a grand total of 0 for the past 2 weeks.  I am not missing another number.  But let me explain this. 

We havent had any investigators, a lack of lessons and people in church, but why am I so happy.  I know now why I am here.  I have been doing the same thing over and over and now I understand that the reason I am here in the INVITE PEOPLE TO COME TO CHRIST!! I have been inviting tons of people.  YEAH BOY!!  TONS!  And getting tons of rejections...but in the end, i come home happy becuase I am tired and my feet hurtt and I wipe the sweat off my brow and kneel to my lord and say that I have dont the hardest work I could. I talked to so many people and they dont want me...they dont want you.  Bless us with someone.  Well let me recount and story...a couple weeks, a guy pulled his car to the side of us and said, are you the mormons.  HECK YEAH WE ARE!!  Most people think that we are the JDUBS!!! Yeah thats not true.  So we were doing everything and anything that keep him going...well we just met with him yesterday and boom.  THE COOLEST KID EVER!!  23 years old and just wanting to know about us.  He did an exchange student thing in Arizona....and it was a with mormon family.  HE IS LEGIT!! 

But this week I have just grown so much.  I have come to love people right off the beginning, and then it was great that President noticed it.  He just told me to keep working.  I am so happy now.  YOU KNOW IT!!!  And the one thing that tore me down is probably making all of you happy.  The pubblicity of the Hobbit.  GOOD STUFF!! Saw it the other night.  REALLY GOOD STUFF!!  Well you sweet people...i miss you all.  But you wanna here something funny...i have been missing something a lot, MOWING THE LAWN!!  Just the little things.  Keep going hard.  Love the gospel.  IT loves you

Anziano Treadway...signing ou

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 10, 2012 A Letter to All

Dearest Family.

Wasnt confernce just great.  I was so happy with the announcements that were made.  How great is that.  I think that the missionary work is going great.  watch out China, here we come.  We are going to be spreading the word and the work everywhere we go.  How great is it.  I love to hear that there are plenty getting their papers in and getting ready to serve the lord.  What better thing is there ot do.  I am super happy.  I really loved Holland.  He did it again, blew us all awaay again.  

As for me, I am really having a great time here in Italy.  The language is great and my companion is doing really well.  Hackamack is a great.  He is such good companion.  He is a great helper and great teacher and brings the sprirt so quickly when he speaks.  I love working with him.  Its only week one.  And I am ready for the rest f the transfer.  We are teaching Iole and she is doing great.  She is just nervous about making the wrong choice.  Pray for her.  I know that this is right.  I am so happy with the work right now.  

I hope that you enjoy these pictures.  Its great.  

Now a little something that I read and that I liked.  

A Missionary

Sometime between the whirl of teenage activity and the cnofinement to cane and rocking chair, we find a strange creature called a missionary.  Missionaries come in two varities..elders and sisters.  They comein assorted sizes, weights, and colors-green being the most common among the new ones.  
Missionaries are found everywhere, hurrying, climbing, knocking, walking and getting thrown out.  Converts love them, young grils worship them, the law tolerates them, dogs hate them, (so true) most people ignore them and Heaven protects them. 
A missionary is a composite.  It has the appetite of a horse, the enthusiasm of a firecracker, the patience of Job, the persistence of a Fuller Bush salesman, and the courage of a Liontamer.  IT LIKES LETTERS FROM HOME, invitations to sunday dinner, conference, chancks and visits from the mission president.  It isnt much for tracting in blizzards, ladies who slam doors, hats, suits and dull ties, apartments, transfers to hot areas, shaking hands at arms length with the opposite sex, alarm clocks and Dear John letters.
A Missionary is an odd character.  It can get homesick, discouraged and temporarily lose faith in the whole human race, yet nobody else can knock so boldy with sucha shaky hand.  Nobody is so early to rise or so tired at 10:30 pm.  And nobody else can get such a thrill at the end of a discouraging day from the words, "come right in, I have been waiting for you." 
A missionary is truth with a pocket full of tracts and faith with 69 cents in his pocket.  
Yes, they are all this, but a strange limp will rise in its throat the day it recieves a letter of release, and on arrival home, its homecoming speech will probably contain the phrase it once considered trie. " The time I spent in the mission field, was the happiest time of my life.  

I really love that. ALL OF IT IS TRUE!!!  Keep your heads up...look forward with faith.  The Lord has not left us alone.  Love you all

Anziano Treadway

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September 26, 2012 Transfers

So transfers are here.  I am loving it here in Bergamo.  I told a member its just like Heaven here.  There are so many people to talk to.  there are so many members and its BEAUTIFUL!  i love the things that are going on here.  The work is going really well.  We are seeing many miracles and the people are coming out of the wood work we will say.  I am getting a new companion named Anziano Hackamack.  I dont know much about him, except that he is young.  So I am going Senior comp.  Thats cool.  

This week we taught a 74 year old lady named Yoli.  AMAZING!!!  So ready for the gospel.  It was insane.  She had her husband die a couple of years ago and she didnt know where he was or if she would ever see him again and we were just teaching so much with the spirit, hard core testimony and getting her to understand that she can be with him forever.  It was such a good lesson.  And she even said that she would be baptized if she found that the book of mormon was true.. Let me just say that that is a miracle in itself.  An old Italian woman ready to change.  WOW!!  So we are going to use some major member power to get her goign and keep her going.  WOOOOHHHH!!!!

We had a baptism this Saturday.  It was great.  Gaetano was so ready for his baptism.  And he was such a happy little kid.  So innocent.  It was great.  His father baptized him.  It was great.  The meeting was so powerful and we had some investigators at the baptism. i think that the work here in Bergamo is going to be going so well here.  You watch, its going to be blowing up here pretty soon.  We got Gaetano a picture with a frame.  It was so perfect.  He is such a cool kid.  I know that he is going to be going on a mission.  

hmmm...lets see.  I love you all.  I hope that things are going okay for you all.  I know that things are going well here.  I am working hard.  Really tired.  But so happy.  

I love you

Anziano Treadway

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 19, 2012 What's Up

Hello family.  I love you all.  I just wanted to write a quick email today.  Nothing to blow you out of the water or anything.  I know that some things have been going on back there that arent expected in the ward its really hard.  I really know that God lives and that he loves us.  And even if anything happens, with the testimonies that we have about the gospel and the Plan of Happiness, we dont have to worry.  We will see our friends and families again.  1 Nephi 11: 17.  Its just a little something to think about.  We dont understand everything but there is a plan.  

We have had a really cool experience.  We met a man the other day, on Monday.  We have been talking about Awkward finding situations, to put us away from talking to people like people crossing the street, or on the bus, or on the phone or a bike.  In the end, we are here to talk to everyone.  Anyways, we were walking down the street and we saw fall of his bike, awkward level goes up one level.  We go over there to contact him, and he is on the phone, and we just stand there, awkward level #2, when he starts talking, he is drunk, #3 and we teach him a lesson.  And set up a time to go back.  He has been praying for a change to happen in his life, and he actually had told his girlfriend that he was going to change his life, THIS WEEK!!  And we show up the next day.  We taught him yesterday, really good lesson, and he accepted a soft baptisimal invite.  SWEET!!!  

His name is Adriano, for further reference, just so you know who I am talking about.  

I am loving the mission.  I think that Bergamo is awesome.  Cant wait to show you all pictures.  
Also, another question, is there some film out about Mormons that talk about us being Awmish, I get that a lot here.  Just wondering.  Love you all

Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012 Things are Going Good

Yeah things are going well today.  Everyone here is doing okay.  Our people are doing well.  I cant put there names in the email anymore.  The church has been having some problems with that and people getting mad at the missionaries.  So just look at the names.  

N is doing well.  Didnt come to church so that slows down the baptismal progress.  Not making much progress anyway.  its sad, just kind of coasting.  i wish that I could jump start her.  All it takes is prayer and N is not doing it.  Its sad.  But what can i say.  We are teaching everything the best as possible.  We are doing everything that we can.  I dont wanna drop her but it might come down to it.  Unfortunately...I hope that when her kids go back to school she can really focus on this and really start progressing, taking time to read the book of mormon, pray, and listen to the spirit.  It will be okay.  

M is doing really well.  coming to church every single sunday.  He is really enjoying our lessons.  He is learning so much right now and progressing really well.  I think that he is going to be baptized for sure on the 29th.  He is coming with us this week to Verona for stake conference, its like 2 hours away. its going to be really nice, especially so he can see that we arent that small.  that there are a ton of italians that are Members and that can be too.  Its a regional conference again so it should be good.  they are creating yet ANOTHER STAKE here in Italy.  Milano stake is getting split.  let me just say, the NORTH is better than the SOUTH!!  There will now be 5 stakes in the north!!  thats just crazy.  

We have another person that we found, kinda.  Its the son of a member that was never baptized.  He is 10 years old, which is great, he is just taking in the word of god.  I love teaching him.  he is hilarious.  First day we asked him to be baptized, he goes,....why not.  Good stuff.  We are goin to teach him really quick.  He is doing well.  29th is also his day.  

Pray for my people.  Please.  They really need some divine help.  

As for me, PANTS are my worst enemy.  I have gone through 3 pair already.  Just getting worn out.  I am going to live on the last pair that I have for the rest of the year, but I am going to be back in suits here pretty soon.  I hope that those pants dont get messed up either because I only have like 1 pair for each suit. 

Love you
Anziano Treadway

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 5, 2012 Change of Heart

Good Morning all you.  i hope that this gets to you all happy and healthy.

I hope that you have had a wonderful week.  I have had a week to remember.  It was nice and rainy, and the Lord was just giving us the miracles.  I was so happy.  I dont know what else to describe it as.  First, Wednesday we went to Citta Alta, the high city of Bergamo for Pday.  Super nice.  Super beautiful.  I have been so blessed with the cities.  Today we are returniing to lecco to show my companion the beauty.  Then thursday.  Thursday was the coolest day of africans that we have had yet.  They are just so happy to hear the work of God.  I am so happy to share it with them. Destiny is this one african that is just loving the word of God.  He doesnt have a job so he is always able to talk with us.  This week we told him to read the Book of Mormon 10 minutes a day and it will change his life.  I told him to just open it up and the Lord will bless him with what he needed to read.  So I opened it up, and I found the lord wanted me to read Alma 12.  yeah, boy didnt I have need of that.  It was amazing to see that the lord works in that way.  When we use the faith that we have, he will always guide us to the right people.  thats what happened about two weeks ago.  We had planned to see and talk with a man that had a blue shirt on and sunglasses, on his head, not on proprio.  So Anziano Thomas went out on the Scambio with Anziano Hess and found the guy.  Moreno.  We taught him on  Friday, and he is so golden, so ready to accept baptism.  So ready for the gospel, and so we taught.  During the lesson, i felt really strongly to ask him, " Moreno, vuole essere battezato."  Do you want to get baptized.  He said yes, and boom.  Gave him a date for something quite close to my heart.  September 29th ay ohhhh.. happy birthday brother.  someone is getting baptized.  

natacha is just doing amazing.  So amazing that she came to church for the first time this sunday.  how good a day it was.  We were wating for someone to come (moreno) and some african guy was walking down the street.  We didnt know who it was and boom, he started to wave.  IT WAS DESTINY!!  he was dressed in his african suit.  Just looking so good and ready to come to church.  We brought him into to Gospel Essentials.  he just said so loud, GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!  Hahahah.  I was laughing so hard.  These past two weeks I have had the amazing oppurtunity to Translate for the Africans from Italian to English.  Its been wonderful being able to bring the gospel to them even when they come to churhc.  But Natcha looked great.  Dressed really nice and she loved it.  She decided that she is going to have her entire family this next week.  that should be really sweet.  If they come, what a miracle.  her 17 year old son is really amazing.  he is just such a stud.  he wants to learn more about the church so he can understand why his mom is always changing churches.  its great to see how the lord prepares people.  

I have been so blessed with the love and support and sometimes the help that you give me in my mission.  i have not taken full advantage of it yet.  Its time for things to chanbge.  I love you all so much for the things that you are helping me to do.  I know that you pray for me.  I know that things are going well for you becuase I am praying for you.  I love you all.  I want you to know that.  WE TAUGHT 20 LESSONS!!  6 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!  TONS OF FUN!! And a great scambio to cap off the week.  I know that its time for me to work, so thats what I am going to be doing.  I pray for the love and support needed.  Thanks for everything you do.  

Love Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012 Hello Everybody

I know that my subject lines are just getting really boring.  I will just start number in a couple of months.  

First and foremost.  Transfers and I am still here, dont worry.  I love bergamo with a passion.  I love the places around.  I love the people.  there are tons from Bolivia.  They are just the most sweet people in the world. And Italians are just awesome like always.  HAND GESTURES like CRAZY!!  I will teach you MOST of them. There are so that arent the greatest to learn but when the memberst tell you what it means, it just happens to stick in your mind...OKAY dont do that one.  Its great though how much of a support they are for us.  The members love the missionaries here and its really sweet when they just love to have us come over and teach them.  they are just wanting to have the spirit always in their home.  They love the missionaries.  WE LOVE THEM!!  

Our new district is SICK!!  Just saying.  We got a new anziano here in Bergamo.  he is from Silverdale Washington.  I dont know if you know where that is Dad.  I dont.  

We found tons of new people to talk to and teach, some of the lessons havent happened yet so I dont know if they are going to be really elect or anything but its really good becuase all the Italians are coming home from their vacations so we can start finding some more of them.  And they are all happy too becuase they just spent 4 weeks at the ocean.  I would be happy to.  Dont you think...  YEAH!!  

Natacha is doing really well.  She really wants us to teach her kids too and tell them why she is studying with us now.  She has kind of bounced around with churches but we are going to really help her family know.  that is tonight.  I am bringing cookies too.  I am going to bribe them.  You know how I do.  hahahha.  I am just kidding.  they should like the cookies.  

I love the mission.  I really am enjoying everything..  I am learning how to cook different things and everything. I just splurged on some italians ties so now I am set.  Its good stuff.  I love Italy.  

Anziano Treadway

August 22, 2012 ...Here comes Transfer 5

Hey everyone, Transfers is this week and nothing is happening to me except getting older in the mission.  We are staying together anziano Thomas and I.  I am happy about it.  I really love the guy.  We are so alike.  Its so much fun to do finding work and such.  5 transfers.  Thats a lot, but not really when my last companion is going home.  Anziano Mauldwin is finished man!!  I called him yesterday.  He sounds so ready, but its okay.  I loved that kid.  He was great.  All the baptisms are doing really well.  Loretta, Fransisca and Gabriele are all active and coming every sunday.  its so good to hear that.  

The work, NATACHA IS BACK!!  Its good to have some investigators to teach.  we are going to dropping all of our africans soon.  None of them come to church.  Its really hard to have them make progress when they dont come to church.  ITS the most important thing.  It needs to happen or they dont grow or change.  I need some solid people with cars.  Pray for us.  Finding work is not that bad, we are venturing into places that have never been seen.  Its great because people really start to listen more becuase they have never heard or seen anything about us.  Its really good.  

We are probably going to be moving apartments here.  That would be good.  Our apartment is a dump.  But I will let you know really quickly if we change addresses.  Umm.  Not much else really happened here this week.  We are just chugging along like the little train that could.  I love hearing from all of you.  Family and friends, keep me going.  You are all amazing.  

I love you all.  Sorry that this one is super short.  

Love Ben

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012 Hey Yallllllllll

It doesnt mean anything.  I was just thinking about Cowboys when I did the subject line.  No in fact I saw my MTC companion the other day. Anziano MONEY!!!  i love that kid, and he is a cowboy.  Ecco, the connection.  Now.  THINGS ARE GOING GREAT!!  I am really living it up here.  Things are better than ever.  I am in Italy, I have an amazing companion and I have just amazing friends and family at home and on the mission just supporting me like nothing else.  Really good stuff.  i am so happy that I could be out here serving the Lord and showing you all that this is possible.  we can be good examples and we can really help people every day.  that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am really feeling as though the people that dont have the gospel are lost and we are the ones going through the forest with a machete and torch and saving them, and then pointing to our buddy Thomas on the tower and saying, that guy is the boss.  And Jesus Christ is standing next to him helping him tell us where to go.  (Sorry, I used this example to teach an african that there is an importance of a living prophet. )  GOOD STUFF

Well nothing much has happened this week so I am just going to be writing about how I am and just going without much of a plan.  I hope that is okay, it will give you a little taste of Ben, not just Anziano Treadway.  i hope the introduction really helped you see me, can you picture me saying that to someone and using hand gestures to an African that is just so confused.  It was pretty sweet.  Anziano Thomas was digging it.  He was cracking up and I was like telling this guy richard.  BY THE WAY RICHARD IS THE MIRACLE MAN!!  I was thinking for a while that there was nothing going on.  I was feeling that there was no miracles in my mission.  I couldnt see anything.  I was getting really frustrated.  And we havent had any new investigators, and then one night I prayed to help me see miracles.  The next day we were teaching Richard, the prophet lesson and he said, I want to follow this man.  And I was just hit so hard by the spirit that this man is the miracle.  he has been reading the book of Mormon every single day and praying.  He was going to come to church but got sick.  But this guy has been just so amazing.  The spirit was just like"Ben, this man sitting here is your miracle, you will baptize him, and he has been here the entire time."  I didnt see it.  I was being such a closed person and thinking that this wasnt going to be going anywhere.  BUT NO!!!  He is going to get baptized and he has been wanting to change his life.  I cant believe how fast the Lord answers prayers.  Its so true.  he is just waiting for us to ask.  and it may not come immediately, but something will just happen and you will be like OHHHHH thats what I was looking for.  

WE GOT 20 LESSONS!!  Just a little pump up for Anz TREADWAY!! Happy about that.  

Okay we have a CD Dad, it sounds exactly like Allison Krause.  I was just thinking about one time that we were driving home and trying to figure out the lyrics. she has a wonderful voice, just pronunciation is just a little bit off.  That is okay though.  In todays world, all you need is a good vioce, and even then that isnt needed.  You should see it, some kids thought that they would enter some talent show and do some italian rap that they cam up with.  They sound really retarted, they are like yelling with some really deep growly voice, but then they stop and say thanks and they just had the highest most girly voices ever.  It was hilarious.  

Yeah so that is about all.  Okay, my finger will be the reminder of my mission for the rest of my life.  Its going to leave a really nice scar.  REALLY NICE AND BIG!!  I took the stitches out my self hesterday.  I didnt want to go to the hospital this morning.  Its all good.  I didnt it with some pretty clean toenail clippers.  hahaha.  Missionaries do the darndest things.  I have been loving my time here in Bergamo.  seriously so much fun.  I am learning so much about my savior and how the atonement works.  PUT IT IN ACTION!!!!  I love you all and want the best.  

MATT!!  i got your letter buddy.  I will be sending one your way next week monday.  I love you man.  

Josch! I love you man.  I havent heard much from you But I know that you are just killing it out there.  

Michael HENDRIX!!  Dude, I love hearing how much you are baptizing.  Keep it up

Dealio!!  I miss you man.  You must be having a ball.  I know you are just baptizing like a freak.  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND WANT THE BEST FOR YOU GUYS!!  You are all the best.  not just you four but everyone else.!!!  

Go BYU!!  Go GIANTS!!  Red Sox, you guys are killing me.  

B-Rad, write me


the one and only


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012 I Really Want a Poppy Seed Muffin

Another week.  The time is just flying by. I cant believe that we are rolling through august already.  Its going so fast.  sometimes i just want to stop and hold on to it but I cant do that. which is hilarious, the harder i work the faster things go.  but i just want to work harder and harder and serve even more, but it just means that i am going to lose the time faster.  strange paradox of the mission. 

Okay so good news.  Just recently Italy has recognized The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints as a church instead of cult now.  hahaha.  But this is good, it means, if needed the church can request money, it wont ever happen. We can do service now for Italy.  And most of all, the marriages done in the temple are also counted as legal marriages.  Before the Italians had to get married in the courts and then they had to go to the temple within 2 days for the sealing.  But now a sealing is just seen immediately as legal.  So good for the Italians.  I am very happy.  

Anyways, Thursday last week I got the FLU!!  I was out for the whole day and dying on Friday from being so achy.  I was not expecting it.  But it really hit me hard.  I was sleeping for like 15 hours on Thursday.  I really got rested up, but i was not eating or drinking anything. I was dying. But i am feeling a lot better now.  And unfortunately, this morning I cut my finger WIDE open.  i was washing the dishes and the cup broke right in my hand, slit it right over my thumb. I went to the hospital and got 6 stitches.  that was the first time EVER that I had gotten stitches.  CRAZY!!  The lady that did it, in very broken english, says " Okay I go, this is my first time ever doing stitches."  WHAT!?!  Excuse me, can I have someone experienced.  and then the best part, the doctor comes in and says, the phone is for you, and mid stitch SHE TAKES THE CALL!!  WHAT THE FREAK is this.  No wonder the hospital visit was free.  Anyways.  I am alright.  My thumb hurts. 

Everything is goin well.  Investigators are coming along. We are finding new people, its just getting them to church that is literally the hardest thing ever.  I dont know what else I can do.  I invite them.  THEY dont have cars, the busses dont work right now, Vacation for all italy, and so its really difficult.  But its going to be alright. We are working with 4 people that all have baptisimal dates. We havent seen natacha now for 2 weeks but she is coming back from Vacation this sunday and we are going to see her next week.  i really hope that she has been reading.  If so, things are going to be so great.  I dont know.  The work is going well here in Bergamo.  I really like the city.  Its really beautful.  

Umm what else.  BOH!  I dont know.  I love you guys.  I hope all is well.  


Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012 Sitting here with my Fanta

 Let me just say that orange soda here is better than anything you will ever taste in America that says something about Orange soda.  I have never tasted such liquid before.  Anyways, i am sitting here with my Fanta.  I hope that you all are doing well.  My buddies, my family.  I am doing absolutely great.  I really enjoy my time that i have to serve the lord.  Its two years exclusive, but listen, it doesnt stop.  we all should be going out there.  Spreading the happiness that we found.  

So yesterday we went to Milano, Anziano thomas had a really bad ingrown toenail.  It was nasty.  Surgery was definitely needed on such a case.  So we spent the day in Milano.  It was not planned, but the coolest thing was that we got to eat at a sitdown restaurant.  I didnt think that I would ever get to say taht on my mission.  Its not everyday that we have enough money to do that.  Everything is all good with Anz T now.  Dont worry.  He is just wearing sandals, it looks finny doiung finding work. 

My week wasnt too exciting.  Just taught some people, we got 20 lessons, thats always sick.  I mean, an apostle said that if we teach 20 lessons, we will see some double baptisms.  I am seeing the miracles,  We set two more baptismal dates, one with Richard and one with Kingsley.  Two ghanains.  Super sweet guys.  I really am praying that they see the happiness and the truth in the message.  They keep wanting to pay us for praying for them.  I love the sincerity of the Africans.  I didnt thinkn that i woul dbe teaching so many africans.  But let me just say this, they are here for a reason, maybe it was to find work, but the are so willing to listen to the word of god, and the except that.  
I am wondering whats going on with Mitt Romney and Obama right now.  Its just being talked about all the time, people are asking us questions, but we dont know anything.  so whats going on?? 

Natacha, our batpismal date, went off to France for two weeks,  we are going to move her date.  She is just doing so amazing.  She knows that its true.  She just cannot wait to be baptized.  She has a huge testimony of Joseph Smith.  thank goodness.  Everything else follows after that.  She is going to read the book of mormon in France.  She said that she was going to try and finish it.  HOLY COW!!  She read the 8 witness testimony, and just loved it.  She said that she could testify of the truthfullness too.  I think that these next couple days are going to be really big for her.  If she can keep things going or not.  IF she does, her husband will see it, and he will be curious, its going to be great.  The ward is diong really good.  I am really loving my mission.  
I am just surprized how fast things are going.  7 months at home seem like forever, but here it just flew by.  Its just gone.  I now am older than any sister missionary that is going to come on a mission.  I will be home before any sister missionary.  CRAZY!!  I love it though.  I dont want it to end.    

Anziano Treadway

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25, 2012 Oh Man...Miracles are afoot!

Well, long days, but I know hard work pays, so the MIRACLES are getting long too.  I really like that song, doesnt matter.  Anyways, it says it all.  HARD WORK=MIRACLES!!  We have been seriously rabid wolves this week doing all that we can to get 20 lessons and finding new investigators.  And let me tell you what, I think the whole city knows us now.  I think that we did all that we could do find the new people and we found em, and we are teaching them.  I love the work.  I love the sweat that comes from the humid Italian air.  But you know what, the Italian air may be humid, but it also carries the aroma of freshly baked bread.  Grandma, I know you would love that!!  hahahah.  ITs such a good aroma.  And its literally everywhere.  Everyone is baking bread, always!!  Its good stuff.  But we are doing the work. And the lord is saying, hey, they are working hard, I am going to help them.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH HEAVENLY FATHER!!  Let me start with this

We did some casa a casa the other day looking for a family with 4 kids, and what happend, we knocked on the door of a lady from the Ivory coast, she has 4 kids, married and is totally stoked to hear the gospel.  We went and taught her the plan of salvation with her yesterday.  She ate IT ALL up.  Especially amazing when she said that she read the pamphlet, the Testimony of the prophet joseph smith.  She said that she got goosebumps when she read about Moroni visiting Joseph in the room at night.  I was like, YOU ARE SO GOLDEN, Just a little rough around the edges.  She expressed that she feels like someone is hugging her really tight when we come and teach her.  Let me just clear it up, its not me, its the spirit. I am not allowed to hug girls.  Dont worry.  Anyways, she accepted a baptismal date for the 25 of August and ... I am so freaking happy.  

Bike problems continued, we found a new bike and its going to be mine tomorrow.  I dont know what is going on but I just never have seen worse bikes EVER!!!  Mission bikes, i think that the missionaries just want to do everything and anything to get a cheap bike, BAD IDEA!!  they break.  Anyways, that is why I am buying a better bike.  But because the bad bike I have lost another 7 pounds, watch out, i am going to need some new clothes when I get back there.  hhahahaa

Italy is just amazing.  I never thought that I would like gelato but let me say this, its AMAZING!!!  still however, i must say that Sac Town Ice Cream has my heart forever stolen.  Gelato is just good when its hot and I want something fruity, go and buy a lemon gelto with watermelon...yeah, simple and amazing. Well dont want to make your mouths water too much.  I am going to go get one right now.  

I love you all

Anziano Treadway...signing off.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 18, 2012 Bergamo

Bergamo.  Where do i begin.  Well let me just say that this past week has been the most fun that I have had on my mission. Anziano Thomas and I are just working our heads off.  Always goign.  Never really stopping.  Like lunch is not really lunch its like eat for the next 10 minutes and lets get out there again.  Or sometimes we dont even eat lunch.  And that is just strange for me.  I am really just doing all that I can to be the best missionary right now.  We are running every morning.  Fun little story, in the MTC I was really good friends with Thomas.  And my teacher pulled me aside one day and said that he had a dream that is my 4th transfer, Anz Thomas and i would be serving together.  And so here i am in my 4th transfer and we are serving together.  I am such lucky guy.  

In the Berg, there are so many people willing and ready to lesson to the gospel.  its so much more different than Lecco.  I loved lecco, but this is amazing.  we taught 20 lessons last week and on track to having another 20 lesson week.  And the ward is just amazing.  They are all wanting more people to be baptized so they are talking to their friends. everything that I want to happen is happening here.  we are getting tons of new investigators and they are just helping us so much.  

MISSION BIKES ARE TERRIBLE!!!  Its like they dont realy work, they just roll, like its a piece of medal with wheels.  HORRIBLE!!  So I am buying my first mission bike.  This is a big step in the life of a missonary. you dont want to get the wrong one.  It should be good though.

Okay and for all those that feel the desire to write me.  My address here in Bergamo is this:

Anziano Treadway 
Via 24 Maggio 23A
Bergamo (BG) 24100

All letters are accepted and I dont let a letter go unresponded.  I love writing letters so just hit me up.  I am always here.  I never go on vacation..oh wait I am in Italy!!!!  I love it

Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11, 2012 On the Road Again

Hello everyone of you amazing people.  I love you all.  As you could probably guess by the title line.  I am on the road again.  I am going to be transfered tomorrow.  And you probably want to know where I am going.  Not too far but to a much larger city.  I am going to Bergamo.  I am stoked out of my mind.  It is such a larger city than lecco.  They have 3 wards there and the work I hear is going amazing.  President called me to tell me.  He said that they need a little spark in Bergamo.  They gasoline is on the ground, but I am going to just put it up in flames.  And then put it out with the baptisimal waters.  I already know my companion.  His name in Anziano Thomas.  I was in the MTC with him.  He is in the group right above me and such a freaking awesome kid.  I am really excited to do some work with him.  

Speaking about baptisms.  IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!  We tried 4 times on sunday.  Like she was in the font but she was just a bit scared of going all the way under the water.  But its all good.  We figured another day would be good.  It would be a lot easier with less people and all the time in the world to do it.  Dont worry.  She went under all the way.  The coolest part about it.  IN A POOL!!  Technically I went swimming today.  (we did the baptism this morning).  It was awesome.  She was just so ready to go and she finally did it.  I am so happy for her.  Loretta has changed her life completely.  Stopped smoking and completely accepted Jesus Christ and his gospel.  Amazing.  

I am going to miss Lecco with my whole heart.  All of the members are amazing.  Things are changing here.  There are so many people here just prepared to hear the gosple and the members are doing some good work with us.  They are willing to come to the lessons, they are helping them in church and bringing their friends to church.  Its just amazing.  I am super excited for this place.  I am going to miss it though.  

I hope that everything goes great.  I really wish that things are going well, I mean what coiuld go wrong, you got baseball season, summer, some of you are ON MISSIONS!!  Great job buddies.  But the work of the lord is moving here in Italy!!!  BOOOMM!!!|

From Lecco, for the last time.

Anziano Treadway

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 27, 2012 Well, the Storm has Arrived...

Hello all.  I am really diggin my mission right now.  I dont know what else I would be doing.  there really isnt anything that I would want to be doing. I really hope that all of you are doing really well and that you are all finding joy in life.  That is why we are here.  might as well make it happen right????

Well me here in Lecco.  This storm I speak of.  Its not physical, but its just the lack of investigators that we are facing.  We baptized two people and we have one more on sunday, but we dont have anyone after that.  I have been praying super hard to figure some way to get the people flowing so we can teach.  Like the past 4 days, 3 lessons.  BASTA!!  Its been really difficult.  But the prayers have payed off.  I know that we weather a storm, we are usually in the difficult times.  Like it seems like there is no end.  But keep going because at the end, the sun is so great.  The rays are there.  And then smog is all gone and its super clear.  Whats that song.  "I see can clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way."  Yeah, that is how it is here in Lecco, the rain is gone, and the obstacles that are in our way are so easily diverted and the people are coming.  We have found four people including two families.  SUCH A BLESSING!!  PRAYER WORKS!!  KNOW THAT!!  I have been praying so much and the investigators are there.  I am SO HAPPY!!!  Like I cant even tell you how happy i am right now.  Its just such a testimony builder that the lord is always on our side no matter what.  

As for the Euro Cup.  I have seen it, I have heard it, I have felt it and I have lost sleep because of it...more importantly, I LOVE IT!!  Italy is just on a buzz all the time.  Every one is worried about the game this week.  I think that Italy could do it.  Let me just say, the last game against england, the bars were playing it on loudspeaker.  I heard every single thing that announcers were saying, and the people at the bar.  GO GO GO ahhhhhh  and then the sigh because they didnt score.  at about 11:15 when the penalty kicks were going on, I heard that.  there was definitely explosions in the crowd, and then the sky, THEY FIRED FIREWORKS FOR AN HOUR AND HALF!!  I was up till one o clock because they were celebrating right outside my appartment.  I LOVE IT!!!  If they dont wanna talk about the gospel, the game is just another convo starter and then we can get em to talk.  Its awesome.  BEST TIME EVER!!  

Well I love everything here.  I love my companion and his help for me.  I love the growth that I have seen. The lord is here for us.  

Love you all

Anziano Treadway

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012 The Spirit of God...and the water was BURNING

Gabriele & Francisca

Me, Gabriele, Francisca, Andiano Mauldwin

The Subject line says everything.  This week has been a miracle hands down.  I would not ask for anything else to happen.  It went exactly the way that the Lord had planned it day one.  I am doing great and thank you so much all of you for your love and support.  Its really helping me be a better missionary to know that I have people that cant wait to hear from me and know what is going on here.  I look through my journal every wednesday to find a good story to tell you guys.  I dont want to dissappoint when it comes to the letters. 
Well boy do I have a good one.  It all starts with a lady and a man who never stop fighting but love eachother so much.  Francisca and Gabriele.  I dont know what to do with them.  I am just a missionary, not Dr. Phil.  I dont have a mustache, that is the only difference between us.  And I dont have his funny voice.  Anyways that doesnt matter.  Thursday night, I recieve a call at 1 in the morning from Gabriele saying that Francisca is just insane and she left him and all of that good stuff.  I didnt really know what to say other than good night.  I was really tired.  The next morning they are all good.  Things are just fine.  They love eachother.  Kind of confusing.  They are great.  Well they were completely ready for their baptisms to come.  Sunday rolled around and things were going great.  We got to the chapel where the baptisms were going to happen, in Como, after they bought us a gelato.  I mean, they werent members yet.  I guess Gelato on Sunday is ok....not really.  We will be talking to them about it.  Well anyways, we got there and the spirit was just super strong.  I was just so happy that things were going as planned.  The spirit was super strong.  Both of them were just crying and smiling the entire time.  It was so spiritual.  We got finished with the talks and the baptisms were to happen.  Its pretty hot here, like 95 degrees.  Well as I walked into the water, it was like BOILING!!  LIke hotter than a hot tub, I immediately started sweating.  But its okay.  Both of the baptisms went wonderfully.  It was such an honor to be able to use the priesthood and bring these people into the gospel and allow them to make the neccesary covenants with god.  It was a great day. 
Loretta didnt get baptized because her father is doing really bad.  He is having some major health problems so we are going to do the baptism on the 1st of July.  It should be great.  She still has the desire.  She knows everything is true.  She is just wanting to have her father get better.  Its going to be such a great day. 
Other than that, my mission is still flying by.  I love my companion, i love my city, I love my ward.  They just know what to do or what to make to make my day.  They all cook really well.  i am trying to branch out with my cooking so I can learn how to make all of these great foods.  I now that you are all requiring me to be some amazing Italian chef when I come home.  Lets just say this, I am learning ITALIAN LASSAGNA this week.  It really good.  I cant wait to cook the Italian meal, you wont be able to eat it all.  I know that for sure. 
Gelato here.  AMAZING.  Especially when you are really hot.  It just hits the spot.  I would be jealous if I were you.  HAHAHAH:  Just kidding.  I realize how blessed I am to be here.  I love ITALY!! 
I also love you all
Sending from LECCOOOOOO ITALY!!!
Anziano Treadway

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 13, 2012

Well I have just had another wonderful week.  Yes I have been sick for 6 of the 7 days but that was not going to keep me down.  It never will.  i am here serving the lord.  A stuffy nose wont put me in Bed.  I just have to continue talking to people. 
We were doing just that the past couple days and every time, we start and it is bright and sunny but every day the clouds roll in and the RAIN just pours.  The past 3 days I have walked into the apartment soaking wet but every time with a huge smile on my face because my companion is just the greatest and he changes my point of view.  I hvent had someone just as happy as he is.  He just laughs at literally everything that ever comes towards us.  Any trial, he just laughs in its face and beats it down with his strong testimony.  Amazing sutff.  We have had some wonderful times together.  Havent hit the rocky stuff.  I dont think that it is going to come either.  But I know that its because both of us are literally having the time of our lives.  We do need to stop ordering pizzas though.  That would probably help out a lot.  BUT THEY ARE JUST SOO GOOD!! 
The baptism did not happen.  She didnt stop smoking in time.  But guess what she just told us that she has completely stopped and that she is ready to change.  She is getting baptized this weekend with Francisca and Gabriele.  It will be a wonderful occasion.  I cant wait.  All three of them have just changed their lives so much.  I have seen them change.  The things that they once did, they no longer do.  I am so grateful for the atonement.  It will change everything. 
Nothing really BIG happened this week.  We just have had some great times here In LECCO.  I love my mission. 
Anziano Treadway
Sorry its so short.