Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 17, 2013 TRANSFERS

Good Morning everyone
Well the changes havent yet come from the mission, right, in the ipads and facebook, but they are coming in transfers.  I am going on to another companion.  My comp is going to bergamo to be zone leader, we just opened another zone there and in Ravenna, both cities that I served in.  Cool, but he is gone, unforrtunately.  But I am going to be training another new missionary.  I am excited to see what is going to happen and who I will get.  There are something like 28 new missionaies coming in.  That is a ton, we have one more wave after this and then it will calm down again, back to 12 coming in at a time.  That is good.  We have hit our peak.  I dont know what more we could do.  I knwo that I am going to work pretty hard with the new guy and see if he can hold on.  Its my time to do what I know, and have someone watch and learn.  Its going to be great fun.  Here is Genova, its been getting really hot.mamma mia.  And really humid.  That is okay though.  I am just sweating constantly.  I dont like it.  Its really uncomfortable, you remember that time that we went to Mexico and I was miserable...that is what I am talking about but every day.  Its really cool to be here next to the ocean.  I have seen some cool stuff here and on the other side of the mission.  Things are looking good, but the younger generation is coming and they are taking basically all the leadership postitions...that is fine.  They could use it.  I am just holding on.  hahhaa.  Things are great guys.  I hope that all is well there.  Love you all

Anziano Treadway

July 10, 2013 Well Everyone...

well everyone

things are just going great here in Genova.  I couldnt be happier, I dont think.  I am jsut exstatic about the work and actually being able to talk to people and teach them about the gospel.  After the break, it was definitely time to get going and teach.  I had a good time.  As for my other companion, he went to Bergamo.  We had finished all the apartments, so they didnt need us.  

here in Genova, i am having such a good time with my comps.  We all played baseball and we all love sports, we are all so much alike that thigns just clicked and we are all really hard working missionaries, the type to just get things done, you know?? Yeah well they put us all here in the same spot for a week and we almost set another 4 baptismal dates...so close, but they wouldnt budge for one inch.  But It was a great time.  Unfortunately, they are splitting us up for another emergency transfer.  So anziano Anderson will be going to prato and it will just be me an anzinao johnson.  It will be okay though.  We are both really old in the mission, and basically both hitting peak right now.  it will be interesting to see what we can do in three weeks time with the work here in Genova before the trainees arive.  I think that we are both training, that is just the pattern at this point, so welwill see what is happening.  As for that conference, it hasnt changed anything for us yet, other than the fact that we cant wear backpacks, so we have to go buy a man purse..."ITS A SATCHEL, INDIANO JONES WEARS ONE"  Okay so a side bag...it will be okay...only six months.  But I guess they are really nice for the bikes and everything.  

I am on my way to cinque terre today.  SWEET!! 

love you guys
Anziano Treadway