Friday, March 16, 2012

March 14, 2012

Hello Everyone.  I hope that everything is going well.  I know that you are all loving life.  Just like me.  Thanks for all the emails.  Its great to hear from you all.  So I am guessing you want to hear what is going on here in Lecco.  Well okay then, here it is. 
So we have been doing a lot of finding work.  That is what we do here in the Italy Milan mission.  It is great.  We get to see a whole bunch of different parts of the city and get to really walk and ride our bikes everywhere.  And every time we go and do some work we teach at least one lesson.  Really seeing the hand of the lord in this work.  Even just random people that I feel like I should contact in our work.  I just say hi, introduce who we are, ask if the believe in Christ and then Anziano Anderson takes the rest.  Its basically all I can do now but I have been asking more questions regarding their life.  I had a majorly embarrasing moment doing casa a casa.  We knocked on some guys house.  He opened and I did the routine.  Completely perfect, he started to answer back (which is rare here).  I was so surprised, we started to have a really good convo with him.  I could barely understand much because he was muffling what he saying.  Anziano Anderson talked with him for a while, and then I asked, Secondo te, perche e importante di credere in Cristo.  Perfect italian, no problem whatsoever, he answered.  I UNDERSTOOD!!!!  He said it was important because Christ died for our sins and knows all the things we are doing.  In the mean time, Anderson is busting up laughing.  The man finishes and says Buono Serata and closes the door.  I asked what I did wrong.  I guess the man had just lost his wife the other day, he had the funeral the day before and he was recounting the experience to Anderson.  I didnt understand and after he said, I feel like nothing is going right in my life, I asked my question, and I completely ruined the mood.  Way not what I thought he said but it was worth a try right.  Embarrasing.
We finally got a Lesson in with Rafaella, her phone was broken for the longest time so we just rode our bikes out there.  Completely on a whim and she was outside with her dog.  Perfect timing.  She asked us to walk with her and come get her medication from the Farmacia.  So we did, and then she bought us some gellato...way good... and then we took her dog on a walk.  We finally got back to her house and we taught her.  She committed to come to church with us and read the book of mormon, but sunday she went with her friend to Bergamo and so she couldnt come but I know that she will definitely come somtime.  Excited about that.  We also found another man yesterday, Johnson, a man from India.  He had believed in god his whole life and started to really talk to us.  (we knocked his door and he let us right in.)  So we taught him and now we are going to teach him next week.  I think he is one of the elect. 
Cool thing, one of the quorom of the 70 came to Italy and said that in every city there is 400 elect people, we just have to find them. So we have been going to all the Pilazzi possible walking up the stairs, down the stairs, completely whiping us out.  But its all good.  I learned in the MTC from Russel M Nelson that Satan puts challenges in our way and when we turn them around and find the joy in it, it really makes him mad, so thats what I have been doing.  Whenever there is something that I could just get so mad at, I just look at the silver lining and everything works out.  Lecco is a city on a mountain, everything is uphill.  I looked at it my first day as this is going to suck.  But now I look at it as I am losing weight.  I have lost 15 pounds since I have started my mission.  I am doing great.  My legs are in the best shape ever!!  I am loving this stuff.  Everything is exactly as i had hoped.  Could use a few more people to teach but they are coming.  Thanks for all the support I love you all.  I am putting some pictures up, hopefully that will make you somewhat happy.  Here you go. 
Vi vogilo il megliore
Anziano Treadway