Friday, March 30, 2012

March 28, 2012

Okay hello my lovers, 
Let me just say this to begin with.  I have never had a better week of email yet.  Things are so great here and they are only better when I hear from all of you and everything is going very well.  I love opening up my email and having 9 messages.  Its great to hear from all of you and you are all wonderful people.  Just remember that.  Today, sheesh, so I will send some pictures next week but I just took the hike of a lifetime.  And boy was it difficult.  There is a Church high up on a cliff and there is a very long hike too it.  So we woke up and took on the mountain.  When we reached the top, THAT IS ITALY!!!  I cant believe how beatiful it was.  I was so happy up there, and then there was a cross even higher.  AND so we went to that.  That took forever but it was something that we had to do.  Just something free to do for PDAY!! 
This week was very difficult for Lessons.  We really didnt have many but we were able to meet with an old investigator.  SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!!  I am so excited, she will be baptized next month.  Hahaha.  AND people are just falling in.  They want to be saved, MOSTLY South Americans but there are some Italians there.  ITs been a very strong testimony builder.  I have fallen in LIKE with Lecco.  Its definitley a difficult city, BUT, there is many good people here.  But if they just would come to church and see then they would want to be baptized.  We have run into many people that speak english but they just want to Practice and so we talk for 45 minutes but nothing.  Thats ok.  And Comp stuff....MUCH BETTER!!  Just saying that.  So dont worry. We are doing great.  He just had a bad week.  But now we are working on full blast.  Tomorrow is going to be a good break.  We have a new missionary council, with all the missionaries that came in the past 2 transfers, which means, my comp and All the awesome people that I have been waiting to SEE!!!  That is where I pick up packages so dont worry mom.  I will have it tomorrow. 
Hmmmmm what else.  A good story this week. here in Italy when they answer the phone they say Pronto, meaning READY!!  And I have been giving the responsibility of practicing on the phone.  Its one thing to understand someone is person, you can read their emotions and all that good stuff but when you put me on a phone with bad service, fuzzy sounding voices, and ITALIAN people speaking...ahhhahhahaha....NO!  So I answer the phone, PRONTO...I was talkign to the BIshops wife, and she just idea what she said, and then at the end, Capito, meaning Understand...hahahahha....NO!!  So I just say, Hold on a second, IN ENGLISH, and just give it to Anziano Anderson, not even thinking.  THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!  So That was my first experience.  i have gotten better...but still could really use some work on the phone so that is what I am going to do.  Its okay.  Things are getting a heck of a lot better with the language.  I am loving Italy.  Just had a little problem with the money.  Living off what I can.  BUT I WONT TAKE PERSONAL MONEY OUT!!  I dont want to waste that money.  I love the people, love the food and love the way that it is just heating up.  We get to take off our suit coats on Sunday for six months.  Thats the schedule, we must wear suits from October conference to April conference and no suits the other six months.  So this is the last week, but unfortunately one of suit pants is just beyone repair.  really bad.  Dont know what happened.  Maybe it was just getting on the bikes but yeah.  There is a large hole in my I will have to talk about that later.  But I dont need them now.  I am going to be wearing slacks here pretty soon.  Its all good. 
Love you all.  I loved the pictures from Hawaii, you all look great.  All of you others.  YOU ARE ALL GREAT!!   OH and Forza Elder Hendrix and Forza Elder Deal.  You guys are great.  Love you all!!  Have i said that enough.  Ciao
Anziano Treadway.
Ps..the baseball updates were wonderful!