Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012 Things are Going Good

Yeah things are going well today.  Everyone here is doing okay.  Our people are doing well.  I cant put there names in the email anymore.  The church has been having some problems with that and people getting mad at the missionaries.  So just look at the names.  

N is doing well.  Didnt come to church so that slows down the baptismal progress.  Not making much progress anyway.  its sad, just kind of coasting.  i wish that I could jump start her.  All it takes is prayer and N is not doing it.  Its sad.  But what can i say.  We are teaching everything the best as possible.  We are doing everything that we can.  I dont wanna drop her but it might come down to it.  Unfortunately...I hope that when her kids go back to school she can really focus on this and really start progressing, taking time to read the book of mormon, pray, and listen to the spirit.  It will be okay.  

M is doing really well.  coming to church every single sunday.  He is really enjoying our lessons.  He is learning so much right now and progressing really well.  I think that he is going to be baptized for sure on the 29th.  He is coming with us this week to Verona for stake conference, its like 2 hours away. its going to be really nice, especially so he can see that we arent that small.  that there are a ton of italians that are Members and that can be too.  Its a regional conference again so it should be good.  they are creating yet ANOTHER STAKE here in Italy.  Milano stake is getting split.  let me just say, the NORTH is better than the SOUTH!!  There will now be 5 stakes in the north!!  thats just crazy.  

We have another person that we found, kinda.  Its the son of a member that was never baptized.  He is 10 years old, which is great, he is just taking in the word of god.  I love teaching him.  he is hilarious.  First day we asked him to be baptized, he goes,....why not.  Good stuff.  We are goin to teach him really quick.  He is doing well.  29th is also his day.  

Pray for my people.  Please.  They really need some divine help.  

As for me, PANTS are my worst enemy.  I have gone through 3 pair already.  Just getting worn out.  I am going to live on the last pair that I have for the rest of the year, but I am going to be back in suits here pretty soon.  I hope that those pants dont get messed up either because I only have like 1 pair for each suit. 

Love you
Anziano Treadway