Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 19, 2012 What's Up

Hello family.  I love you all.  I just wanted to write a quick email today.  Nothing to blow you out of the water or anything.  I know that some things have been going on back there that arent expected in the ward its really hard.  I really know that God lives and that he loves us.  And even if anything happens, with the testimonies that we have about the gospel and the Plan of Happiness, we dont have to worry.  We will see our friends and families again.  1 Nephi 11: 17.  Its just a little something to think about.  We dont understand everything but there is a plan.  

We have had a really cool experience.  We met a man the other day, on Monday.  We have been talking about Awkward finding situations, to put us away from talking to people like people crossing the street, or on the bus, or on the phone or a bike.  In the end, we are here to talk to everyone.  Anyways, we were walking down the street and we saw fall of his bike, awkward level goes up one level.  We go over there to contact him, and he is on the phone, and we just stand there, awkward level #2, when he starts talking, he is drunk, #3 and we teach him a lesson.  And set up a time to go back.  He has been praying for a change to happen in his life, and he actually had told his girlfriend that he was going to change his life, THIS WEEK!!  And we show up the next day.  We taught him yesterday, really good lesson, and he accepted a soft baptisimal invite.  SWEET!!!  

His name is Adriano, for further reference, just so you know who I am talking about.  

I am loving the mission.  I think that Bergamo is awesome.  Cant wait to show you all pictures.  
Also, another question, is there some film out about Mormons that talk about us being Awmish, I get that a lot here.  Just wondering.  Love you all

Anziano Treadway