Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 20, 2013 I'ma be on wheels!!

So wow.  Big week eh.  I feel as though the first thing that I should talk about is the call for BRIAN!!  Dude, I think that its awesome.  There are some members here in Ravenna from Ghana.  And they are the coolest guys ever.  I will say that you are going to go to some lessons and be kind of confused an wonder where there are.  I am not lying, they just sometimes dont show up.  Its rather strange.  But Its good.  I love them, they are the most awesome people.  You are going to be eating some food that you are going to be asking yourself, wait, WHAT IS THIS???  I have done it.  and I dont have the answer.  

As for me, I got the transfer call as well.  And I am going off to a very beautiful city.  Mestre, well that city isnt the most beautiful city, but there is another city in my area, 5 minutes away.  Its called Venice.  And I am super stoked about that.  I am super humbled that President called me to this city to be a zone leader.  I am really stoked to do it though.  For that reason, I am going to be on wheels.  I am going to have a car.  We arent actually going to be living in our city, rather we are going to be in a city called Padova to live because they are putting some sisters in Mestre to make room for the new missionaries.  28 are coming in.  Yeah, 18 year olds too.  Its exciting.  I might meet one.  That would be cool.  

Anyways.  I am going to miss the city, but I am excited to be serving with another awesome missionary, who is from Italy himself, so language wont be a problem.  We are whitewashing, meaning both of us are replacing the two zone leaders that were there. Big call, but we are up for it.  

Love you guys, i miss you guys.  

Anziano Treadway