Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 6, 2013 To All......from ITALY!!!

Hey everyone. 
So this week has marked the one year in Italy.  That is crazy.  I feel like I just started.  And so Its time for me to blow some Italians away and get em baptized.  no, I have been seriously blessed in my mission.  I could have asked for a better one.  ITs really the best time of the life.  Its showed me so many things that I would not have learned any where else.  I know that everything happnens for a reason now and that even though we may think that god doesnt see us, HE DOES!!  He has always got our back.  Its great. 
We have been really trying to get member present lessons to show that we can do it.  No, its the best way to teach someone because when you do, its like the best.  They have a friend for church and they have someone else to really share their time and spiritual experiences with.  i know that its the only way to baptize people.  Teach with the missionaries.  Its the best help ever.  I would love to have even more members present. 
The other day, we went to a conference in Milano with all the new missionaries in the mission.  There were over 20 or somehting in the past 2 transfers.  The next group is even bigger.  HOLY COW!!  I think that there are going to be 28 in the next meeting.  That is completely insane.  What a pleasure to be in the field during this influx.  To see it and usher it in.  I am glad Im not one of the new ones, but the one to help the new ones into their shoes.  Its great. 
We did a scambio the other day in Bologna WHICH IS AN EXCHANGE WHERE WE GO WITH OTHER MISSIONARIES, (there ye go mom).  Well it was full of some cool miracles.  We found a guy that had been looking for the church for 6 years, he was already a member.  The other part was that he called us randomly on the phone.  He was awesome. 
i love Italy.  Its really the best. 
I love you guys.  Be awesome.  I miss you
Anziano Treadway