Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2012 Well, it's the mission

We had a really hard week this week.  I hope you all remeber the girl we were teaching, she was awesome, and we were so ready to baptize her, but her father told us that we werent allowed to see her anymore.  Just as things we looking up, we got shut down.  That was really hard.  I didnt expect it and we got really hit hard, it was hard to do missionary work, to stop people, to stop thinking about the what if we were to baptize her.  It would change her life.  Well I told my president and he said, " I dont  know her but I feel like she will join the church very soon."  That was really good to hear.  She read the entire book of mormon in 5 days.  She knows that its true.  That is really a huge miracle.  I feel good becuase we did our job.  The zone is doing really well right now.  we are looking at about 16 baptisms for MAY!!  That is going to be amazing.  I am really happy that we are going to be kiling it.  I hope that every one is doing well.  its getting warmer here and I know that there is just as good.  I wish that I could hit up the beach, but that isnt happening for a while.  I love my mission. Im exhausted if any of you were wondering.  MAN ALIVE!!  I really am having an amazing time.  My comp and I are loving eachother.  Who knew, me and an about luck.  I love the language.  We are just having a ton of fun together, even though the work is hard.  Keep praying for me please.  We will see miracles.  God loves us.  I promise that. 
Anziano Treadway