Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 1, 2013 MESTRE

 Hey everyone, 

I am still here serving in Mestre.  Transfers just passed and I thought that somehting was going to change, but Anziano Modugno and I are still together. I am really happy about that.  I was afraid that I was gonna get moved again.  I Love Mestre, the ward is....great.  And the city is really nice, and the poeple are really cold, but that is okay, the weather is finally warming up and so the poeple shoudl be too.  We actually had some success this week.  We found some families.  They seem to be really cool.  We acutally went to see a less active family and we found a person there.  They really had lost the church, because there was a lack of communication from the misskionaries to the members but now, we are back and helping them to get going in the churhc.  Their friend wants to hear the lessons and hopefully we can get her with a date here on Saturday.  THat would be really nice.  We also knocked into an awesome lady that is married to a muslim, but he was really cool and let her listen to the lesson and she took the book of mormon.  Things are looking up. I am really happy right now.  This week was a lot better than the others.  Thank goodness.  I really needed to have a little bit of success.  We will see what this next transfer brings us. There are another 31 missionaries coming into the mission.  That is unheard of.  And half of them are sisters.  I think that there are now like 66 sisters inthe mission and 10 of them are in my zone. GREAT!! The work is going to be exploding.  I hope that all of you are well.  i know its been a while since you have heard from me, at least some of you, but now I finally figured out this email thing so I can send this email to more people.  I was a little confused before, but now I am on a roll.  I miss you all and Hope that you are all doing wonderful.  VENICE IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS USUAL!!  Today is a beautiful day.  Hahhaha

Love you all

Anziano Treadway