Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013 Hey Y'all

I am here in Genova and not getting transferred.  YEAH!!  I am going to be here till the end.  ITs going to be good.  I just want to stay here.  Genova is the best.  We have been getting close to some really awesome people that are so close to baptism.  I know that we are going to see some this transfer.  I wouldnt be surprised if we see more that one.  We are doing all that we can, but our really awesome investigators all go to the other companionships...they all dont live in our area, or they are single women.  That is the frustrating part of being in a city with 12 missionaries, there isnt enough space.  I hope we can see some good success these next 6 weeks.  

In church we gave a lesson about the law of went really well.  ANd we got pretty dirty, dont worry, it was a shirt to throw away anyways..but we really helped to young men know that those kind of things really get us dirty and we dont want to get into that kind of stuff.  It was a good lesson.  

RIght now, I am hitting a critical point...three months, and I am grooving...I am talking to lots of people, i hold the book of Mormon in my hand so that when I get rejected, I just squeeze the word of God.  That helps ease the pain.  Hahahah.  Things are great.  I miss you guys.  

Hope all is well.  

Here is my address again

Anziano Treadway
Via Alfredo Catalani 4/12
Genova (GE) 16154

Anziano Treadway...out