Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 20, 2013 GREAT BIRTHDAY

Hey everyone

So yes, I had a great birthday.  This tuesday we did a lot of good work and we actually set a baptismal date.  We went and had some good times with our new converts and then we came home and had some cake and i got some letters in the mail.  i didnt expect it, so that was good.  Little surprises, make the day go better.  It was great.  

Actually things are going great in Pavia.  We are teaching a lot and we are baptizing as well.  YEAH MAN!!  This week we are having another baptism.  Francesco has been working really hard to get to his date, and he did it.  He si great and we are really going to have a great Saturday.  its also cool because the president of the sunday school is coming to our mission and giving us a training on Saturday in the mornign.  Cool .   

So I am nearing the end of my mission as you all probably know.  And to be honest with you, I am feeling really good.  I am working really hard and doing all that we can to get more investigators.  Its a lot of fun. 

Things are great.  Sorry I suck at writing. 

Anziano Treadway