Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 11, 2013 One More Week

Hey mom, Dad
I have one more week before the end of my mission.  I have seen the hand of the lord so much over the past two years.  I dont think that I could ask for more from him.  I have seen the differences that his atonement has made in my life.  I had the oppurtunity to bear my testimony on monday to my zone before I went home, to really leave something with them.  I think overall my testimony has defintely grown.  There have been a few ways specifically, well a few things that my testimony has grown in.  I know with my whole heart that the priesthood is real.  I have seen the blessings given to me and given by me to other people and the words that come out are not mine.  They come directly from our loving heavenly father.  I have found that there is no other way to reach the Celestial kingdom than by following the principles of the gospel.  And the main point that keeps the people on the right track is the Book of Mormon.  I have read the book of mormon so many times on my mission and really studied the doctorine and I have found the truthfulness for myself, time and time again.  I know that Joseph Smith said right, that a man will grow closer to god Through the Book of Mormon than any other book in the world.  That is something that I tell people and they criticize me for it, but I know that its true.  I know that there is no better book on the earth that can help you come closer to Christ.  I have tried it, I have grown so much closer to god, reading that book and putting in practice the things that I have learned.  I have seen the people change as well...not just me, and that is the best part.  I know that it is a true book from God.  Bringing me to another point, Prayer is the phone for us to speak with our heavenly father.  I have had some great talks with him.  I have really poured out my heart to him, and I know that he speaks with us.  I have recieved much revelation personal for my life, and what I should do with it.  My patriarchal blessing is my best friend.  I love reading it, and trying to get something more from it.  God really does love us. That is something that I have come to know.  I now have an extremely testimony of all the things that we were weak before.  But most of all, I know the Atonement was for us.  That Christ really suffered for us.  So that we can overcome our problems, sins and weaknesses.  I am so grateful for that.  I could not ask for more. 

I love you guys.  This is it.