Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

Okay so hello everyone. 

I have had the best week of my mission experience so far.  However the older missionaries from the zone left us.  There were 19 that took off for Italy on Monday leaving the only 8 left going to italy.  Its sweet though to be able to be so close to my district and zone.  Oh by the way...OFFICIALLY THE ZONE LEADER OF ZONE 33 in the MTC.  Way stoked but humbled about the ability to serve my fellow missionaries.  Anziano Money and I are both the Zone leaders.  Awesome time.  We continue to push forward in la lingua.  I think its funny because suddenly im actally not able to remember the word in English so i say it Italian.  Its just how I do it.  I can understand the pain that everyone goes through when they get back.  This new program has completely changed everything about the MTC and people start losing their english before they leave.  Quite hilarious.  Taught 5 more lessons in Italian.  I challenged someone to be baptized.  (mind you its all fake) and she decided to throw out that she was already baptized in the Catholic church.  NO BENE!!!!  NO MI PIACHE DOPO that comment.  So i looked at Money and told her in beautiful flowing italian that her baptism was a great way to show her love to the lord but It was not done with the proper authority and the only way to show complete love and desire to follow christ is through baptism with the correct authroity.  that really blew her away, blew me away and blew my companion away when she agreed and wanted to be baptized.  Money, after the lesson, was just like...Dude, really, where did that come from.  that was awesome.  All i can say is that the Lord is blessing me for all the prayers that I am saying and the obedience to all the rules of the WHITE BIBLE!!  I am doing the best I can to be the best and I can see the blessings in the language. 
On another note, I am loving Anziano Money.  i dont know a time that I have been frustrated with him.  He absolutely blows me away with his  love and support that he has for me.  I love that guy and I know now!!! that we will be friends for a lifetime.  Never believed that saying, YOUR COMPANION WILL BE FRIENDS FOR A LIFETIME!!  Now i do understand.  I love the zone that I am in.  Couldnt be happier. 
Ok, the hamburger.  yeah it was stuck for about an hour and a half.  i was supposed to teach right after it happened and i was just halking lugies the entire time.  Didnt know what to do.  So I prayed that there would be a way for me to be an instrument in the lords hands and teach this lesson well.  I asked for the lord to provide a way.  I get to class and the person that we were supposed to teach didnt show up.  We didnt have to teach.  I immediately said a quick prayer of gratitude.  Such an awesome thing to see.  I didnt have to teach with Hamburger stuck in my throat.  the lord provided a way for me to be successful.  It went down about 30 minutes later.  Then the person came and we had to teach him.  I did so wonderfully and with the spirit. As for the steriods..havent missed a day.  14 days strong or something like that.  I will need more of pravcid and steriods.  ASAP!!!  The addiddas is totally fine.  It is completely appropriate. I asked.  It would be wonderful to get a package sometime. with some more love from home.  AW$SOME!!
Love you all...
Anziano Treadway.
PS...Im going to write that letter for you brian in full Italian today.  I think that you got my letter with the italian testimony right????