Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 22, 1012

Subject: Re: WE GOT IT!!!

Lemme just say this.  First day awesome.  Everyother day after that....even better.  It was such an awesome week.  I am getting decent at the language.  Our teacher started talking to us in Italian the first dayu and hasnt stopped since.  Way buzzkill, i thought that it was going to be a gradual thing.  Baptizm by fire.  I can bear my testimony, UNSCRIPTED in Italian as well as prayers.  I can only say some basic things but I learn new words every day.   Way awesome to be able to do some Italian.  Umm...Russell M Nelson spoke to us about the gathering of israel last night.  It was such an awesome talk.  I have been taking so many notes..yeah something that I dont do.  So many notes though. 
The zone leaders are awesome guys.  WE get along so well.  Me and Anziano Money are always with them.  I really have grown to love the work here.  I can't wait to get in the field even after one week.  its just such a wonderful oppurtunity that we have here to learn and feel the spirit all day every day.  Im sorry I dont have much time.  only 12 minutes to write a whole email is not enough for me because i really dont have much time and but i know that it is for a good reason.  I have been staying by the rules.  I did my laundry.  I have seen chris yang, cammeron hunsinger and i play basketball together everyday.  Simi and i eat at the same time.  its way sweet.  ian should be coming in today.  i am going to see him.  Can't wait to have some more familiar faces. 

Love you family...stay strong.  The lord loves you.  I love you. 
BRIAN...Read your scriptures and take at least two girls out with that $$$