Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Well Hello Everyone. 
I hope that everyone is doing really well.  I am doing great.  Just got back from the temple so the spirit is strong and things are all good.  So I guess that Utah is supposed to get about 4 feet of snow here pretty soon.  I think tonight.  I have been wearing short sleeves pretty much every day.  Way nice.  I am way happy about the way the weather has been.  Now i'll probably hvae to wear a jacket.  :(  Anyways.  The lingua is going pretty well. I have taught 10 lessons in full Italian so things are looking up.  The devotionals that we have a really nice to have because they really keep me invested in the work.  Everyone once in a while i think to myself that it would be much easier for me to just pack up and come home, but with the help of my loving companion Anziano Money, i stay here and I begin to love it again.  The spirit is way strong so i know that I am doing the right thing by staying.  This past week we did SYL for a day, it where you only speak your mission language, that was definitely one to remember.  I was able to communicate a lot and be able to get around the place quite well actually.  Silent sunday....wasnt really silent.  I was bearing my testimony, saying prayers and having full convos with my district and the older Anziani. Which is funny because they arent actually older than me.  I am actually older than they are, at least about 4 of them.  they just put a different availibilty date.  Which is totally fine with me.  They head out next week for Italy.  Im way happy for them. 
I am scared for the coming weeks.  We are doing SYL for a whole week.  ONLY ITALIAN for the WHOLE week.  But i know that when you push yourself as a missionary the lord will bless you with the extra push for things that you arent quite sure that you can do.  Its so true.  When I am teaching a lesson, i feel as though the spirit is speaking through me because I am saying things that I didnt know how to say and then Money will turn to me after and ask, "what did you just say??  I didnt get any of that!!"  I dont know man, I am just talking.  Its way sweet to be able to get some of that experience.  I dont think I made it clear in the last letter that the MTC has a new program where it is only the mission language the teachers speak to you.  I hear all the time that we are going to be the most prepared missionaries ever going into the field when it comes to the language and the gosple.  I am way happy for that.  It makes me feel like I can do it.  I knew that I could, especially after I reread my patriarchal blessing.  such an awesome read.  Its all about MEE!!! 
We were doing a stress management class for missionaries.  It was funny.  They had a 4 stage thing...everyone said they were on stage 3 and I agreed, (thats like, ripping your hair out stress, just to clue you in, constant headache and just not understanding anything that Sorella Fairbanks was saying. )  Well she then asked us in English *applause broke out* how do we get back to stage one.  Immediately, everyone said in Unison...except me, Anziano treadway just tells a story and we are all back to normal.  They really love the stories about the metal shop and baseball and treadway trek.. its a real hit.  I love making those guys happy...i just try to stay on a very happy level of stress, keep things easy going and make em smile.  It works.  Everyone is getting along really well.  im the life saver. 
So awesome.  I am a straight up baller.  11 three point shots all swish on friday.  6 saturday 5 monday 6 yesterday. I am logging them to see how many i can make in the entire time im here.  BALLING!!  Havent gained any weight.  Lost 5 pounds.  Food isnt everything that people brag about.  DRY MEAT!!!  I miss MOMMAS MEATLOAF and a bbq chicken off the grill.  what i really miss...HOMEMADE MAC A CHEESE AND SOME GRILLED CHEESE SANDWHICHES.  I hope i always expressed the love for you food mom.  I miss it. 
Hmmmm....almost done with Alma, doing really well..
The package was awesome.  that made my day. 
Love you all
Anziano Treadway