Friday, February 3, 2012

February 1, 2012

the Mtc...the place that american missionaries love that leave in three weeks and then place that people like me!!!! WANNA RUN AWAY FROM!!!  I want to go to italy so bad right now.  I am just killing it with the italian and really flourishing.  I can't wait to be able to get on that plane and tell people that I am headed to italy. 

This week went by really fast.  All the weeks are just merging to gether.  I dont know why, but I dont really remember the days, just remember the struff that I am learnign in the days.  I am reallly growing fast in the language which is such a blessing to be able to say.  I am really grasping most of the different aspects of the language and really understanding the different hand motions.  its going to be great.  there are a few that you should NOT do whatsoever, basically means that "your wife is sleeping with another man"  Yeah bad news to do to anyone is italy.  Unless of course its true.  hahahahaha.  Jkjkjkk.  So the food here in the MTC is getting the point where we dont really know if we want to eat it.  Its way sweet to be able to eat at the Temple in the cafeteria and get some really good food.  OMLETE and HASHBROWNS cooked right in front of you.  thank goodness. 
Last nights devotional was way sweet.  It was the 50th anniversary for the MTC program.  Which meant we got to hear from some awesome people...APOSTLES!!!  Elder Nelson spoke to us again and gave a wonderful talk about Standing on the shoulders of the Giants that have proceded us...meaning my grandfather, father and my Bro.  I am standing way high on those shoulders when i think about it.  I couldnt think of three better men in a mission, except Samuel Smith, Joseph Smiths brother.  He baptized 5000 people...WHAT???  yeah.  We also got to hear the amazing testimony of Elder Holland.  Such a sweet night.  He really let us know the importance of missionary work and why we have to Stand tall, stand valiant and stand firm, because the poeple of the church look at us at such a higher standard.  We are a chosen generation. 
hmmmm...Anziano money and I are doing wonderful.  We never fight.  Always joking around!!  I couldnt have asked for a better companion.  A little about his family.  He is a DON!!!  Dad, i think you know them...Spanish Fork.  Umm his family owns some ginourmous farm in Spanish Fork.  Its been there for like 50 years or something.  Not sure if you had heard about it before or Not.  Whatever.  he is awesome.  I love him.  everything is just wonderful.  I am loving everything about the MTC.  i am studying more the language and the gospel.  I really went off and studied some other stuff for myself.  Wanted to know the whole thing about Casting out evil I devoted some time for that.  You never know what you will need.  Hahahhaaha.  Especially in Italy.  Our teachers talk about the things that they had to do.  Some family played with a wigi board and it brought hundreds of spirits.  The missionaries were actually seeing them.  When they went to bless the son, one of the ladies there said that a bubble of light covered the missionaries and darkness filled the room, and the darkness was pushing on the bubble.  When the prayer finished, the person fainted and the darkness went away.  The person that was blessed later joined the church.   The gospel is true, they cant battle the book of mormon. 
Vi amo
Anziano Treadway