Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

Caro Famiglie e Amici
I have survived the MTC!!!  I was told that if you can survive the mtc for 2 months you can survive anything.  There has been some major ups and downs to worry about.  The language and the companions and the getting down everything now so i dont have to do much of that in the field.  But I am so ready to go.  I have reqached my time here and Its time to move on.  I got my travel plans.  Finally got to know where I will be flying to and what times.  We lucked out witht the time that I will be leaving the MTC.  8 o clock is really nice.  Gives us that morning a little bit to get the last minutes things done.  And so my flight leaves at 11:35 from SLC.  Dont know the whole calling stuff.  We find that out on Sunday when we can call and who we can call.  I am so ready to get on a phone and say hello to my family again.  Email is nice but its much better to hear the voice influctuatione.  Anyways.  This week has not been any different than last week, or the week before that.  Same old same old tutti giorno.  But the spirirt is always with us.  And that is the nice thing.  I am way happy about that. 
Thanks for all the packages and mail that I have recieved from everyone in the past 2 months.  I look forward to it every day.   I love herring about home.  What i would like to know is how Romney is doing.  Elder Nelson told us that he was doing ok.  But that was about a month ago.  dont really know now.  And from Brian, I would like to hear a little about baseball.  Whats going on buddy., how is the new Miami looking.  Also RED SOX NATION!!!  Its every where in the world EXCEPT the MTC!!!  And its killing me.  I am dying to know whats going on.  But that stuff is just minor to the bigger things. The stuff that I am doing right now is what really matters.  I am so excited to go out and show them the truth.  Everyone needs it, and most people know that they need it.  Some of the people in the world are just happy the way they are now when True happiness comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  to know that everyone can be saved through Him.  But only if they come unto him and try to be like him.  I thought that it was interesting.  Last night the speaker was telling us a story about the testimony of the Book of Mormon.  He said that it is the only true book to get you closer to Christ.  A man will become more like him, if he reads and acts on the new knowledge.  COmpeletely true.  But i was reading in John.  And Jesus said something like this.  I cannot testify of myself because if I did the testimony would be invalid.  He cant just say that he is the son of God.  Its other people like you and me that has to go out there and share that.  Its because the stubbordness of the people that not everyone will listen, but if the open up, if they read the Book of Mormon, if they pray, THE ONLY ANSWER THEY WILL GET IS THAT IT IS TRUE!!!  Share that. 
Well I am feeling really good.  I have seen so much growth durante my time here.  I am so happy with my mission already.  Wouldnt trade it for the world. 
Vi amo
Anziano Treadway