Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 8, 2012

Ciao Tutti,

Questo pasato setimani e bellisimo. Molto molto felicita. Io amo la MTC. Anche, sono molto emocionado per Josch a entrare la MTC oggi!!! Voglio vedere lei molto. Anyways. How is it going everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Today has been good. i have already gotten my Laundry and The Temple time done. Now I have all the way till 6 to do whatever. I am going to go see josch come in. Wait for him with Simi on the Curb. I cant wait to see him and his family. Such an awesome time for him. He is ready for everything, i know it. I know his testimony is strong. I can't wait to see his reaction quando solo Espanole sta parlando in sua classe. Hahahaha. It is going to be funny.

Same ole same ole things have been going to on here. Nothing too out of the ordinary. There wasn't any magical people that came and spoke to us. But this week has been good. I can't wait to see what this next week has in store for me. So my district, we have PDAY Wednesday obviously, so we go to the temple and we eat there, breakfast. SO GOOOD!!!  Today was probably the best since I have been here. I had an omelet and some Oreo cookie ice cream pie. BOMB!!!

Our lessons have been going to so great. We really are getting across the point that we need to and we can really feel the spirit all the time. I am loving what is going on. I can speak and bear testimony in Italian basically the entire time, and the best part about it, I COMPREHEND everything that they are saying. In the TRC we teach some real Italians, the speak so fast, but i understand everything that they are saying. One lady we have taught 4 times. Thea, and she has just fallen in love with me and money. We always have wonderful lessons with her. She teaches us just as much as we teach her. It has been great to really have such a wonderful relationship with someone like that, and its through the Gospel that we get this testimony and relationship. Way sweet opportunity. I can't wait to gain those relationships with the people in Italy. I is going to the best experience of my life.

All that my branch president says is that he cant wait to picture my on the plane, bawling my eyes out. HAHAHAHA!! when i have to leave the people in Italy that I have grown to love so much. I already love em, and I haven't even met any of them. Its because this language. So awesome. I can't wait to actually get out there and teach them.

Sorry that nothing goes on during the week here. Pretty much the same the entire time.

Oh, something about the Book of Mormon. I am reading it and everyday I get witness that it is true. If you haven't read it through once, twice or even three times. Start today. Pray to know if the book is true and through the Holy Ghost you will be able to have that witness as well. I am so grateful for that book in my life. I cant wait to bring it to the thousands of people in Italy as well. just to let everyone know. People that say that Italy is going to be a rough mission. Missionaries in the past 5 years have been coming back with 20-30 baptisms. the gospel is spreading and the Temple will also help. this gospel is simple. this gospel is true. I know it. And soon the people in Italy will know too.

Vi amo tutti

Anziano Treadway