Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 4, 2012

That week was great.  I got letters from home, and Emails from people.  So great to hear from all of you and know that everything is going well.  Baseball starts this week.  Lucky for all of you.  GO BOSTON.  hahaha. Anyways.  Thanks  for writing me. 
So the works is slowly putting along.  Everything in Lecco is pretty much rolling along as good as it can right now.  We are doing a lot of finding work, lots of door to door and doing work in the Pilazzi.  Its all good.  I love it.  We run into the weirdest people every day.  They are either way old or just plain weird.  But life is good here.  We are doing a lot of work.  Trying to teach a lot of lessons.  20 lessons is the goal.  We are doing really well for the week.  I think that we can make it to 20.  Things are looking up.  WE HAVE A BAPTISM!!!  The 28th of April.  Thanks Brian for having a Birthday.  But you are giving me a gift, hahaha.  That didnt make any sense.  Francisca from Cuba.  She found the missionaries after going to the Salt Lake Temple.  She loved it.  And now she is on the road to getting baptized.  Really excited about that.  We found another family, they seem to be elect.  She loved the BOOK OF MORMON!!  Took it out of my hands and just started thumbing through it.  And then she said.  Lo voglio.  I want it.  Quanti costa?  how much.  We just looked at eachother, Anziano Anderson and I and just looked at her, ITS YOURS!!!  ahhahaa.  We are probably gonna go back tomorrow and get another lesson with her.  That would be great.  We really want to help these people.  But its just getting that first lesson that changes their life.  Also, we have another, JUGLIO!!!  Love is his religion.  He is always telling us that.  And we answer with, well, its ours too.  Because thats what It is.  We arent lying.  Just saying that it is.  He wants to be baptized.  But He has to meditate first.  He actually read the book of mormon.  And he is coming to church on Sunday.  See there is missionary work here.  I wasnt worried that we wouldnt have ANYTHING!!  But I am surprised with how great the people are. 
Food wise, the PIZZA IS AMAZING!!  But the other stuff, I can make what they make.  I havent had anything that like blew me away.  Then again, I havent had a resturant meal yet.  But thats okay.  I can make a bomb white sauce now.  I am going to perfect my own mac and cheese recipe and then I will show you all whats up.  I am going to be somewhat good.  I can make crepes and homemade tortillas.  Those are good.  I am surprised how easy it is to make a healthy meal.  FAST FOOD IS GOOD, but so is being 25 pounds less than I was.  I love this place. 
As for conference!!  BOSS!!  I loved the talk by President Ucthdorf, about the blessings that others recieve.  STOP IT!!!  Dont be jealous when people get something that you dont have.  The lord loves everyone the same.  Just the same reason why the manager paid everyone the same.  No matter how long they worked.  Eternal life is all the same no matter how long you work.  BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN STOP WORKING!!!  Its a constant battle.  But we have to happy with the people that join a little later, (Baptized).  I am, hopefully you are too!!! 
Love you all. 
Anziano Treadway