Friday, April 13, 2012

April 11, 2012

Ciao from Italy;
I am loving all the emails and reports from you all.  Its great to hear from you and hear that everything is going great.  I dont know how anything else would go wrong.  I mean you are in Cali with some great weather, and its Baseball season.  you gotta love that.  (I know that there are some few others scattered everywhere else, you guys are great too).  It is another rainy day here in Lecco.  It has been raining a lot lately making it difficult to work.  People think that in the rain, there are like devils or something so they barely will even let someone in their home.  And the people outside, are bundled up like its 0 degrees.  Its really nice weather, not cold rain, just rain.  Good thing I have an umbrella.  On saturday there was lighting that litterally hit down the street.  Like no more that a football field away, that was the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life!!!  I like shook the umbrella.  FREAKY!!!! 
I am doing very well.  We are starting to get some more investigators.  doing what we can to be able to continue teaching.  That is important.  when we teach the days go by really fast, when Its just finding work, BORING!!!  But I actually loving finding work!  However, the stairs are probably the worst part, we bike up a huge hill and then walk up 10 stories of stairs.  Your legs are just finished after that.  Its ok  though.  Its how I am losing so much weight.  I love talking to the people.  We found some dude in the park and started teaching him.  He really got into the lessons and now he is wanting to read the book of mormon.  It seems like everything thnks it costs money.. We say "The word of god is free" and they totally start complainng about their churrch and how they make them pay for stuff.  Its way funny.  Just one way that we can bring them closer to our truth.  I love the people of Italy.  They are always so happy.  its great to talk to the old people.  They think that the pope is like GOD and then the younger people hate the pope right now.  Its so funny to  hear them.  I am starting to understand a lot more. 
Easter was great.  We went to a families house and they had a huge meal for us.  I am really loving the food.  The ward is about 90 % Italian.  Thats a lot of people.  There are a few different cultures and they are the ones with the different food.  ITs all good, but its just different.  Then we went to another house for Dinner and had a wonderful time there.  Its was a really good easter.  The members gave us a ton of food to last us a little longer.  It was great. 
I love you all. Thanks for everything that you are doing.  You all are superstars in my eyes. 
Vi amo
Anziano Treadway