Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 25, 2012

So Hello everyone.  I hope that all is well.  I really am wondering how things are going.  Thanks for the love and the support.  Thanks for the people that are letting me in a little on their lives.  I love hearing from home.  Its another rainy day here in Lecco.  Thats what you get when you are in the Alps. 
So I had a great week.  We are really working for 20 lessons.  And we actually pulled out 13 that really was not supposed to happen.  We were gone 2 days last week.  One for zone conference and then pday is always difficult with the lessons.  But Friday we had the Traveling Assistants with us.  They are some BRAVO missionaries that are just going around the missionaries helping all the struggling companionships.  That was sweet to have them come and really help us. ITS AWESOME NOW!!!  we found like 10 new people that are a bit interested in the church.  So now we have some work to do.  Lots of diffenrent phone numbers were given and addresses.  It was great to have them come.  The work is really killing now.  Lots of stuff to do.  Not enough time. 
Our baptisimal date, she is awesome.  We taught her the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom, the toughests things to teach, ESPECIALLY in Italy.  She ate it up.  She defintiely is applying it to her life.  She went home that day and told her boyfriend about the law of chastity, he immediately said that he wants to marry her and start TAKING THE LESSONS!!  What??? This guy has not been wanting to take the lessons at all and out of no where he wants to be baptized.  And so does her son.  He is 9 so of course he wants to follow his mother.  That was the best news all week.  I really was happy about that.  Just shows that the lord was really working on them and now it is paying off.  Anyways, THAT IS AWESOME NEWS!!!  They are coming to church on Sunday! 
A funny story.  We have been teaching this young kid recently, Juglio.  He is kind of like a rebel.  Like he is always wearing Rasta stuff.  Kind of a sketchy kid, but loves to talk about the church and has expressed a little about baptisms.  So we are really working with him hard.  So he invited us to come to meet his friends, they wanted to know who we were and what we were about.  So we walk into this park, IMMEDIATELY i Recognize these guys are high out of their minds.  Kind of not a good crowd, anyways.  Yeah, I immediately recognize it and say to Anz A, these guys are just high!!!  He goes, REALLY???  Utah kids, they dont know their drug heads.  That is what Cali brought me, knowledge of the sketchy people.  Anyways we sit down and this guy starts to roll a cigarette, with tobacco, but he pulled out something else.  HEROINE!!  I noticed it immediately and started to close out the convo!!  He put it in the tobacco and rolled it and started to smoke, BLOWING THE SMOKE DIRECTLY INTO ANZ Andersons face!!!  He was just getting a face full of the smoke.  We got out of their fast!!!!  As we were walking away, he was like, "I have a major headache"  Yeah no way!!  You just got some HARD DRUGS blown in your face.  hahahha.  It was scary but hilarious at the same time.  I dont think Juglio will be going very far with the lessons. 
Anyways.  Anziano Anderson is gettting transfered to Brescia and Leaving me here to Run Lecco.  I am going to be having a new companion Anziano Volley, or Valley.  He is in his last transfers so hopfully he isnt too trunky and we do some really good work.  So the thing to think is, I am going to have 3 comps in 3 first 3 transfers.  Thats insane, and completely unheard of.  Insane.  I think that the Lord is preparing me for something.  I dont know but thats like unheard of.  This was a longer transfer.  7 weeks for my first, but now all the transfers will be 6 weeks. 
OKAY!!!  IMPORTANT!!!  Mom, dont send packages UNLESS you are going to put money in my account for how much the custom fees are.  Sometimes they are out of this world.   For christmas, i understand, but other stuff, just send me an email or something, tell me what you would have sent me, and I will go and get it at the store.  It would have been a surprise but I dont want to pay HUGE customs prices.  Some are like 70 euro...which is like 87 bucks.  For a tie and some candy, NO WAY!!!  I would love to just go get it at the store and you just throw some money in the account. 
Well everyone.  I love you all.  I am doing wonderful.  All my buddies are now on missions.  THAT IS SICK!!!  I am loving that. 
Anziano Treadway