Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7, 2012 KEEP GOING

So I heard the news.  Another 4 years of the President we have now.  What can you do...keep living the gospel.  There is some reason this happened. I can tell the impact its had here on the missionaries.  We are getting a lot more people starting conversations with us about the President Mormon.  Its okay.  Things will be just fine.  Just keep going with the life as it is and the Lord will bless us.  

First off, the week has been better.  I have been able to really slow down myself.  I have found that I am happier when I am diong finding, after I went to the basics, Faith and Diligence. I am reading right now in the Book of Mormon about Ammon and his brothers.  they went through a lot of stuff and still had problems.  I dont have much to be complaining about.  I am living in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The work is hard, but it cant fail, its impossible for the work of the lord to fail.  we actually just found a family of five.  Amazing, i dont know them but I know that my companion says that they are amazing.  thats just great.  I think that the work is coming back around.  Its going to be all good. I am not worried.  In my ward here, there is another sister that just left on her mission.  We have two out now.  Its really great to see missionaries going into the field.  Its been raining a ton here.  Its made it difficult.  I have been wearing scarves now, who would have thought, me wearing a scarf.  HAHAHAHA.  its supposed to snow here pretty soon.  Who knows.  I just want to thank all of you that are supporting me.  I love you all

I know that things are coming up, birthday and Christmas, let me just say something really quick..i dont expect anything, the best thing would be a wonderful letter and a picture or something.  if you just have to send a package, use a US Post flat rate envelope, cheaper for everyone, but I am doing just great.  I love hearing from you all, thats is better than anything i could get.  Let me also say, transfers are coming up.  I dont know what is going to happen, so Bergamo could be history, who knows, so the mission home is better to send things.  Okay...

I hope that everything is giong well.  I know that you are all great.  Love you
Anziano Treadway