Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 23, 2012 Well, What a Week!

I think that I have come to feel what we call pure happiness.  I dont know how to describe it in any other way.  Let me just say that there is nothing else that I can use to describe it.  PURE HAPPINESS!!  And you ask me why???  Well where do i begin.  First it begins with the fact that my little brother is starting his trek on the greatest mission of his entire life.  That is good.  But then it just grows more and more starting with the work here in Bergamo.  YOU ASK WHAT!!??? How many investigators, well lets just say we have had a grand total of 0 for the past 2 weeks.  I am not missing another number.  But let me explain this. 

We havent had any investigators, a lack of lessons and people in church, but why am I so happy.  I know now why I am here.  I have been doing the same thing over and over and now I understand that the reason I am here in the INVITE PEOPLE TO COME TO CHRIST!! I have been inviting tons of people.  YEAH BOY!!  TONS!  And getting tons of rejections...but in the end, i come home happy becuase I am tired and my feet hurtt and I wipe the sweat off my brow and kneel to my lord and say that I have dont the hardest work I could. I talked to so many people and they dont want me...they dont want you.  Bless us with someone.  Well let me recount and story...a couple weeks, a guy pulled his car to the side of us and said, are you the mormons.  HECK YEAH WE ARE!!  Most people think that we are the JDUBS!!! Yeah thats not true.  So we were doing everything and anything that keep him going...well we just met with him yesterday and boom.  THE COOLEST KID EVER!!  23 years old and just wanting to know about us.  He did an exchange student thing in Arizona....and it was a with mormon family.  HE IS LEGIT!! 

But this week I have just grown so much.  I have come to love people right off the beginning, and then it was great that President noticed it.  He just told me to keep working.  I am so happy now.  YOU KNOW IT!!!  And the one thing that tore me down is probably making all of you happy.  The pubblicity of the Hobbit.  GOOD STUFF!! Saw it the other night.  REALLY GOOD STUFF!!  Well you sweet people...i miss you all.  But you wanna here something funny...i have been missing something a lot, MOWING THE LAWN!!  Just the little things.  Keep going hard.  Love the gospel.  IT loves you

Anziano Treadway...signing ou