Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 21, 2012 Thanksgiving

Well what a wonderful week.  My birthday, was great.  Thakns for all the birthday wishes, and then tomorrow is good ol turkey day. we are going to be celebrating it with our branch here in good ol ravenna.  I love this place. it was great.  Everyone is so driven for missionary work and so the ward is so open and willing to help us.  I love it.  And we have tons of working people that are loving baptism and really want to be baptized.  I am happy for that.  The lord is blessing me for the work that I did.  I love my comp, Anziano Scheurn is just hilarious and so open to find people.  He is going home here in 5 weeks, so this transfer is going to be fast.  I am ready for it too. 
Brandon, Anziano Christensen says hi.  I ran into him at transfers, he is legit and just wanted to tell you to keep up being awesome and working hard in school.  he is legit. 
Ummm...hmm.. I will say that is rather chilly here in italy now.  I am thinking that the snow is coming here within 3 weeks.  I know that we are going to have a white christmas.  Im dreaming of it.  So lets see what happens.  I am glad for this time of the year.  I know that the savior is going to be on the minds of many people.  they are going to be a little more open to listening.  Im ready for the change. 
the lord is swiftening his work and calling more and more missionaries.  I am so excited to hear how many we are going to have here in Italy within a little bit.  Its going to be crazy.  The mission is going to double, or at least get 100 new greenies by summer.  Its goign to be SICK!!!  The lord is doing something big.  I am ready to seee it, bring on the good stuff.  People are getting baptized. 
I love this mission.  I love this work.  thanks for everything that you all are doing for me.  I love hearing from you.  Happy turkey day.  I know that I am failing with writing recently.  I need to start wrting more.  Anyways. 
Anziano Treadway