Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12,2012 IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD!

Well, this week it snowed, it was sweet to get some of the white stuff coming down on top of us.  I havent seen it snow for a while, so that was cool.  We got kicked out of a palazzo so we went and built a snowman.  Good stuff. THings are going great, if you wanted to knwo.  We are really having some good success and the people are really progressing.  In fact, we have 2 baptisms on Friday.  Our main men, Dougy and Fidelis.  They are great.  I have seen some really great people but these two guys are some of the best.  So humble, so ready to learn and just so much fun.  I cant wait to see them in white.  I will be baptizing one of them and My comp is going to baptize the other.  its going to be a good friday.  Tomorrow we are going to be making cookies for the entire branch and distributing them to everyone, one way to really grown the ward.  Its going to be fun, and then on saturday and sunday we are carolling with everyone.  its going to be really great.  i really love this City here in Ravenna.  The people are great, the are jsut cold so we are all bundling up.  Its really fun.  fWe are just having some struggles with finding, but thats okay, all missionaries have it. 
So we had an interesting day, on Thursday we were in the hospital for 5 hours.  It was horrible, I am telling you, free health care is not a good idea, okay Obama.  We sat there for litterally 5 hours, and were called in to see the doctor before this old lady, like 70 years old, with a bloody nose, not the inside, but the outside, it was so sad to see that they werent even doing anyting.  But its something that is going to change, at least i hope so.  But we were okay.  My comp had some stomach problems, all good though now. 
I love this place. I love the people, and I lvoe my mission.  Thanks for all the help and love and support that you are giving me.  I will definitely send pictures fra poco. 
Anziano Treadway