Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November 28, 2012 Hey, Long Week

Well, the week has come.  I am getting really tired, we are working really hard.  I dont know what is wrong.  I feel like I am sleeping enough, I dont know but we are constantly on the move with lessons and teaching our wonderful investigators.  I love em.  We just set 2 baptismal dates this past week.  they are literally some of the coolest people that I have met.  So willing to learn more and they read the book of mormon all the time.  They ask the greatest questions, somethat I havent heard members ask.  Its exciting how great the work is going here. Especially during this wonderful time of Christmas.  I love what its looking like here man.  All the lights are up and the spirit is in the air. Good time for Italy, its good that we are definitely feeling it.  I feel like this could be a difficult time of the year for me.  Then, I hit my year mark.  Man, time flies when you are having fun.  We had a funny experience last week, we got home to Ravenna after a split to find, that we could not find our keys.  OH NO!!  We had to take a trin back to Ferrara to get the keys, we slept there for the night and found the keys and came back to Ravenna the next morning.  Super stressfull and so long.  It was not something that I wanted to do.  Trains are not my favorite thing to do.  Its actually something that I want to stay away from.  Long day....but yeah, things are going great.  I love how the work is going.  Thanks for the help and the prayers that you are sending my way.  Oh and my new city, is great.  Ravenna, its so nice, and really great. The people are good, they sometimes talk to us, but we are really just trying to stay positive with everything.  So keep praying for me, that would really work.  Thanks for everything.  Love you all
Anziano Treadway