Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28, 2013 I ALMOST FORGOT

Hey you is it going???  I almost forgot to write this.  You are lucky that i remembered right at the end.  things are going well here in ravenna.  But i think that I am going to be transfered here really soon.  I hope that God does the right thing.  But i like getting a new city, because things get reallly alike when you stay with a companion for a long time, but I love anziano Allen.  things are great with him.  I just want to see more of italy.  But we stayed inside all week this week because i was really sick.  it wasnt what i wanted to do, usually i wouldnt stay inside, but i was really hurting.  Everything.  Sore throat, congestion, aching.  The whole shabang.  But in the end, we got out on sunday. Hopefully we see some help in the city.  We could use it.  I would really love to be teaching a whole lot, but that isnt happening, we have some work to do in the finding and teaching department.  But that is okay.  so problem, but we ofound some people on sunday and monday.  A couple of sweet people that we are going to see tomorrow.  I really hearing that phrase, yeah i would like to hear about this.  hahahaha.  we had a good scambio on monday. We found a sweet filipino lady that was super sweet.  I really think that we are going to have some good success with her.  she had a baptisimal date in the phillipines.  Things are looking good.  Our bap date is amazing.  He is really having some good help from god.  he stopped smoking and drinking and has been reading so much in the book of mormon.  Do you realize the importance of THAT BOOK!!  its so true and we dont know why people dont realize it.  But we are still using it to try and get some people.  What other ideas do you have for finding work??? The apartment kind of went down, meaning that the contract wasnt accepted or somethng and now we have to probably find another one.  GREAT!!  I dont know .  I hope not.  But I love you guys so much.  I love the help and support that you guys are giving me.  I am working really guys are great.
Anziano Treadway