Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

Well how is it going.  I hope that everything is going well with you!  I am loving life.  I am loving Italia more than ever

So I am thinking that you all want to hear about my week with my new companion.  He is great.  He has really helped me to grow in the missionary work.  I now see all the things that I need to change to become a better missionary.  I have changed it and I have seen the blessings.  I am really growing in the language with him, starting to talk more on the phone, let me just say this, Italian on the phone is a guessing game in comprehension.  Its just really bad service.  I am starting to cook more.  I want to send some pictures home but I dont know why the pictures wont attatch.  I made homemade pizza dough, and did the whole toss it in the air kind of thing.  Its a sick picture!!  I am loving all the food.  I am starting to spread out more and trying to cook different things.  I am going to try lemon bars this week.  Haahhaha.  i am a baking beast.  I tried banana bread...failed miserably.  I am really loving the ward now.  They are really helping out all the missionary work.  

Our baptisimal date came to church, Francisca, she was just swarmed with the ward all welcoming her.  The last time that the ward had someone in church with a baptisimal date was a year ago.  We are really trying to GEM the city here and get some baptisms.  I am loving the way that that is going.  We are showing people that missionary work in Lecco is possible.  I love the ward so much.  Everyone is just amazing.  I love all the families.  We are hoping for the 19th for her baptism, I am pretty sure we are going to do it with her son, on the same day.  That will be great.  I will be sure to get pictures to you all with that.  

Life is good.  Thanks for all the emails of support here.  I really am feeling the love.  I got a funny story to telll you all.  

I was sitting on a train on exchanges with Anziano Hymas when suddenly an Egyptian man came up to us starting to talk about America and how he wanted to go there really bad.  So we started to talk back.  He brougt up how much he loved to money there and how it looks like.  So stupidly enough I pulled out my wallet and showed him a dollar.  He toook it and started to kiss it and like rub it.  The train was about to stop so I asked for it back.  He said that I had gifted it to him.  I started to try and grab it and he like said thank you and then walked off the train and gone....I lost a dollar that day!!  Good thing we use Euro.  hahahaha.  

Love you all.  The work is great.  The church is true. 

Anziano Treadway