Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11, 2012 On the Road Again

Hello everyone of you amazing people.  I love you all.  As you could probably guess by the title line.  I am on the road again.  I am going to be transfered tomorrow.  And you probably want to know where I am going.  Not too far but to a much larger city.  I am going to Bergamo.  I am stoked out of my mind.  It is such a larger city than lecco.  They have 3 wards there and the work I hear is going amazing.  President called me to tell me.  He said that they need a little spark in Bergamo.  They gasoline is on the ground, but I am going to just put it up in flames.  And then put it out with the baptisimal waters.  I already know my companion.  His name in Anziano Thomas.  I was in the MTC with him.  He is in the group right above me and such a freaking awesome kid.  I am really excited to do some work with him.  

Speaking about baptisms.  IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!  We tried 4 times on sunday.  Like she was in the font but she was just a bit scared of going all the way under the water.  But its all good.  We figured another day would be good.  It would be a lot easier with less people and all the time in the world to do it.  Dont worry.  She went under all the way.  The coolest part about it.  IN A POOL!!  Technically I went swimming today.  (we did the baptism this morning).  It was awesome.  She was just so ready to go and she finally did it.  I am so happy for her.  Loretta has changed her life completely.  Stopped smoking and completely accepted Jesus Christ and his gospel.  Amazing.  

I am going to miss Lecco with my whole heart.  All of the members are amazing.  Things are changing here.  There are so many people here just prepared to hear the gosple and the members are doing some good work with us.  They are willing to come to the lessons, they are helping them in church and bringing their friends to church.  Its just amazing.  I am super excited for this place.  I am going to miss it though.  

I hope that everything goes great.  I really wish that things are going well, I mean what coiuld go wrong, you got baseball season, summer, some of you are ON MISSIONS!!  Great job buddies.  But the work of the lord is moving here in Italy!!!  BOOOMM!!!|

From Lecco, for the last time.

Anziano Treadway