Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 18, 2012 Bergamo

Bergamo.  Where do i begin.  Well let me just say that this past week has been the most fun that I have had on my mission. Anziano Thomas and I are just working our heads off.  Always goign.  Never really stopping.  Like lunch is not really lunch its like eat for the next 10 minutes and lets get out there again.  Or sometimes we dont even eat lunch.  And that is just strange for me.  I am really just doing all that I can to be the best missionary right now.  We are running every morning.  Fun little story, in the MTC I was really good friends with Thomas.  And my teacher pulled me aside one day and said that he had a dream that is my 4th transfer, Anz Thomas and i would be serving together.  And so here i am in my 4th transfer and we are serving together.  I am such lucky guy.  

In the Berg, there are so many people willing and ready to lesson to the gospel.  its so much more different than Lecco.  I loved lecco, but this is amazing.  we taught 20 lessons last week and on track to having another 20 lesson week.  And the ward is just amazing.  They are all wanting more people to be baptized so they are talking to their friends. everything that I want to happen is happening here.  we are getting tons of new investigators and they are just helping us so much.  

MISSION BIKES ARE TERRIBLE!!!  Its like they dont realy work, they just roll, like its a piece of medal with wheels.  HORRIBLE!!  So I am buying my first mission bike.  This is a big step in the life of a missonary. you dont want to get the wrong one.  It should be good though.

Okay and for all those that feel the desire to write me.  My address here in Bergamo is this:

Anziano Treadway 
Via 24 Maggio 23A
Bergamo (BG) 24100

All letters are accepted and I dont let a letter go unresponded.  I love writing letters so just hit me up.  I am always here.  I never go on vacation..oh wait I am in Italy!!!!  I love it

Anziano Treadway