Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25, 2012 Oh Man...Miracles are afoot!

Well, long days, but I know hard work pays, so the MIRACLES are getting long too.  I really like that song, doesnt matter.  Anyways, it says it all.  HARD WORK=MIRACLES!!  We have been seriously rabid wolves this week doing all that we can to get 20 lessons and finding new investigators.  And let me tell you what, I think the whole city knows us now.  I think that we did all that we could do find the new people and we found em, and we are teaching them.  I love the work.  I love the sweat that comes from the humid Italian air.  But you know what, the Italian air may be humid, but it also carries the aroma of freshly baked bread.  Grandma, I know you would love that!!  hahahah.  ITs such a good aroma.  And its literally everywhere.  Everyone is baking bread, always!!  Its good stuff.  But we are doing the work. And the lord is saying, hey, they are working hard, I am going to help them.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH HEAVENLY FATHER!!  Let me start with this

We did some casa a casa the other day looking for a family with 4 kids, and what happend, we knocked on the door of a lady from the Ivory coast, she has 4 kids, married and is totally stoked to hear the gospel.  We went and taught her the plan of salvation with her yesterday.  She ate IT ALL up.  Especially amazing when she said that she read the pamphlet, the Testimony of the prophet joseph smith.  She said that she got goosebumps when she read about Moroni visiting Joseph in the room at night.  I was like, YOU ARE SO GOLDEN, Just a little rough around the edges.  She expressed that she feels like someone is hugging her really tight when we come and teach her.  Let me just clear it up, its not me, its the spirit. I am not allowed to hug girls.  Dont worry.  Anyways, she accepted a baptismal date for the 25 of August and ... I am so freaking happy.  

Bike problems continued, we found a new bike and its going to be mine tomorrow.  I dont know what is going on but I just never have seen worse bikes EVER!!!  Mission bikes, i think that the missionaries just want to do everything and anything to get a cheap bike, BAD IDEA!!  they break.  Anyways, that is why I am buying a better bike.  But because the bad bike I have lost another 7 pounds, watch out, i am going to need some new clothes when I get back there.  hhahahaa

Italy is just amazing.  I never thought that I would like gelato but let me say this, its AMAZING!!!  still however, i must say that Sac Town Ice Cream has my heart forever stolen.  Gelato is just good when its hot and I want something fruity, go and buy a lemon gelto with watermelon...yeah, simple and amazing. Well dont want to make your mouths water too much.  I am going to go get one right now.  

I love you all

Anziano Treadway...signing off.