Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013 What's going on everyone?

Hey everyone...I know that my subject lines are boring.  I think that I could switch it to numbers but that would be really trunky. Hahahhaha.  Just kidding.  Well, things are going well with me.  i am sane, I am in good health, no jinx, I am really happy too.  We are doing some really good work here, and its just going to take a little bit of time, but I am not worried. 
So this week, we have decided that Area Book is really important.  And to be honest with you, its powerful.  We prayerfully chose some people to pass by and when we went by, almost all of them were there and we are going to have appointments with them this week and next, its amazing.  I am so grateful for the people that wrote the info in the Area Book to help us out in the past.  So we found actually 2 families off of Area Book and so they are looking very promising.  they are seriously blessings from GOD!!  I am so grateful that everything is going well.  A famliy that just had  ababy and then another couple that are super awesome.  I hope that God knows what we know, ITS THEIR TIME!
So Reincarnation, I just thought that it was a thought that no one ever really took to mind but we have had some great experiences lately, with 4 people that are hard core believers.  Its weird, it doesnt make sense.  One lady said that God came to her in body and told her about it, and then also told her a lot of good things about our church, but she is in her last life so she doesnt have to worry.  hahahha.  whatever...its something so weird, but we just move on. 
Our new investigators John and Fidelis, both got the priesthood the other day.  It was great. They are making a lot of progress. I am so pleased with them.  They are doing really well.  the lord has really blessed them.  I know that its because they took the right step and now they are finding work and stuff.  Its great. 
We think that we found the new aparment.  BOH!!  I will keep you updated...we are still at our old one for a while.  Dont worry. 
I love you all.  You such great help. 
Anziano Treadway