Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Everything is going great here in Ravenna, we are actually here in Firenze for the day because we had a conference here yesterday that was really good.  I was happy with it.  I am trying to learn as much as I can.  Its weird to hear the testimonies of the missionaries that I know really well, and they are going home.  Its sad, but I hope that things go well for them.  It was good to hear from Anziano Scheurn.  He is a baller.  I miss him.  We were like best friends, people thought we were brothers.  But I know that he is giong to kill it at home.  Speaking of that, MATT, wow.  That is crazy, how fast does 2 years go.  I dont know what to even think.  I remember thinking about that when he went home, I would have less than a year, but its here and its been so fast.  (I dont knwo what happened to the font)  BOH!! 
You guys should be super thankful that you dont have to get citizenship in Italy.  Its a pain, we were in the comune for like 5 hours getting anziano Allens fingerprints and then we have to watch a video and then go back...mamma mia, thats the last thign that we want to do as missionaries.  BUT WE GOTTA DO IT!!  Its good.  I have to do mine too. 
So on church, we had the craziest things happen, we were sitting there and this lady walked in, I had never seen her.  She was a member that hadnt come to church for years...then she just walked in.  CRAZY!!  And then a guy just walked in wanting to know more about the church.  INSANE!!  Miracles.  God is looking out for his kids.  I love the gospel.  We got 5 new investigators last week.  Its great.  We are getting people to teach.  I know that things are going to turn around here.  But I really am enjoying finding work.  The lord is willing to bles.
I love you all
Anziano Treadway