Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 9, 2013 AY OHHHH!

Whats going on  I am out here, I am loving whats going on.  You know what is going on here.  LOTS OF FINDING!! But I can tell you what.  Things are going really well.  llike you said dad, I can go as fast as I want and the greenie has got to follow right.  Hahaha.  He is doing a really good job keeping up.  We are working really hard.  We kind of need to, we arent having a ton of success, but it will come.  the lord is looking at our hard work.  I know that his hand will come.  Actually it already has.  He has blessed us with maybe two families that we can start teaching here this week.  I think that this could be exactly what we are waiting for. I have really taken the obedience to another level.  PRECISE EVERYTHING!!  Time going out, time coming in, planning, talking to people.  IT IS REALLY HELPING WITH THE WORK!  Yeah we get rejected by everyone, wait not...yeah EVERYONE but the Lord has blessed me.  Not because I need it, but he has shown me that he is still there.  We have had a lot of good conversations lately, about the Scriptures.  About life in general.  Now things are really starting to make sense.  I love the revelation that we can get from the lord if we kneel down and pray.  He is totally willing to bless us.  I have seen it in my life. 
Well I hit my year mark.  Yea, that didnt seem too long did it.  I feel like this is going to be the fastest year of my life.  There are some milepoints that are going to make it even faster, beginning with matt coming home and then Brian graduating, then leaving for his mission.  MAMMA MIA!!  I am ready for it, are you ready to keep up.  A little bit of my last companion has stuck with me.  I am working out every day.  Its weird, I am desiring to run, I cant wake up without it now.  But thats something totally different.  I am really coming home in shape.  YOU WILL SEE!!  Got to be.  Mens softball is going to be good.  Hahahahha. 
I love you all.  I have had an amazing week
Anziano Treadway