Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 20, 2013 What A Week!

How is everyone??  Seriously, this week went so fast.  I dont even know what happened to it.  We left thursday to go do 2 baptismal interviews for some awesome people.  The district is really teeaching some awesome people.  And they are getting baptized this sunday.  This week was a little rough for one of them, she didnt want to get baptized on her day, but that sunday she had a really good day is getting baptized on Sunday.  Its great when the district baptizes.  And that is what we are doing.  There are going to be many more as well.  Its going really great.  We are all working very hard.  Also Thursday we had an amazing lesson with some guy that we met on the street, and he invited his friend Davide to the lesson.  And they both ate it up, and then Davide came to church and he was doing great.  He liked it and is coming back next sunday.  Things are going great.  Then Friday we had a super awesome day for Interviews.  We met with President and things are just awesome in the mission.  I was so grateful that i was able to talk with him for a little.  He is super great. 
We had a really good week, we taught a lot, i am doing well.  I know that Baseball is starting up again, and it seems like its been literally no time since the last time it started.  things are going so fast, its out of control.  I remember last season starting and dying to hear what was going on in the leauge.  But now, I just want this season, before it has even started, to be over with.  I WILL BE BACK TO YOU SOON BASEBALL!!  Man alive, which also means that all my buddies are starting baseball too.  that is crazy.  man!!  You  know how insane this is. 
It sounds like all you are doing well.  Going to Hawaii and such.  Lucky..its nice and cold here.  Its looking like there is going to be 4 days of snow coming up. favorite.  I miss cali sun. 
Well I miss you all so much. 
Anziano Treadway