Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 13, 2013 Hey Everyone!!

Whats good homies....hahaha.  Things are going really good.  We are really moving forward here in Ravenna.  We are really enjoying our time together me and Anziano Allen....Anziano Allen and I...there you go mom.  We are really loving the Branch.  We are trying to help everyone out to grow their testimonies.  We have a Fireside this Friday about missionary work.  Its going to be really good.  We are talking about Preach my Gospel, and we are talkign about how to talk to people about the gospel.  Its easy when you practice right. 
Its great to hear about all the people that are going on missions at home.  I really miss hearing about peoples call but I am out here.  If someone gets a better call than Italy, let me know.  Hahahha.  Its going to be one to beat.  I love my mission.  Its going down as the number one mission in the world.  I will bet that there are some of you that are totally agaisnt that, but thats why we have our own opinions.  Hahahaha. 
So I wanted to let you guys hear this...we were riding our bikes on Monday, just going to an appointment.  As we were riding, Anziano Allen and I got a little to close together and his handle bar went underneathe mine.  Being rubber, the dont slide very easy...and the stuck together, as he turned away, it turned my bar, and I FLEW!!!  Over the handle bars, and he flew was just what we call YARD SALE in skiing.  It was funny.  We were fine, I just got some nice bruises, but the bike wasnt, the tire was completely bent in half.  DANG!!  It was 40 euro to fix, MAN!!  But in the end we laughed it off.  hahahaha. 
We had a really long morning.  I had to go to the questura and do fingerprinting for my renewal of my permesso to stay in the country.. its okay though.  We are all good.  we made it out in 2 and a half hours.  yeah. 
We finally finalized the new apartment, however, I WILL NEVER SEE IT!  We got a really nice one but there is so much that they have to do with a brand new kitchen that its not going to happen in 6 weeks.  I could go away before i see the fruits of my labor, but that is okay.  I guess thats what we deal with in the mission so no big deal.  I will just find another apartment in another city.  I am getting good at it.  Hahahha.  I want to be finished and see a really nice apartment.  But I dont know if i will be lucky enough.  BOH!!
Our ballers are doing good.  Our investigators i mean, We have one baptismal date that is going well.  he is really making some major progress and we are about to really work with him.  he is getting close.  Our others are going to be making some progress here soon but we have been doing some major work, and so its been really hard to have the time to see them when they can see us.  So we are going to dedicate our time so we can see them and help them.  I hpoe that things go well.
I love you all
Anziano Treadway