Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013 PADOVA

So I got transferred to Padova, but the address to my apartment hasnt changed.  I still live in the same place.  But anyways.  I am super happy that we are working in this city now.  Mestre was a personal hell for me, I just had so many hard times and things were just pushing and pushing and pushing me to the point of break.  But now that we are here in Padova, things are a lot better.  I am a whole lot more relaxed and I can breathe.  Its been a long time, a really hard, long, difficult period of time on my mission, but things are definitley different.  We are planning a really sweet concert for the 8th of June. Its going to be basically for the missionaries to get some referalls and hopefully it works out.  I know that things are going to go well.  We have some major talent in the district and zone so we are going to kill it.  We just need to do anything possible to keep the work going.  This could be something good. Anways, the ward is amazing.  The people are really happy to have another companionship to help with the work.  I am really happy to be that companionship.  We are working really hard.  I am really tired,but that is a good sign.  
Love you all
Anziano Treadway