Friday, June 14, 2013

June 5, 2013 IT'S POURING!!

Man so this week, we have been seing some great blessings.  I have been super hapy with the way that things are going.  We had a sick miracle.  On thursday we had planned to see an ex investigator, just past by and see what was up...and so we went and there was no one there and they didnt want to know anything when we called.  My back up plan was to do some tracting there in that area.  As we knocked...nothing was going...just another day, then the last door opened and a Filipina was sitting there and let us come in and we started to talk.  We talked about the family and then the daughter came in, perfect oppurtunity to help a family.  When we brought out the book of mormon, the mom confessed that she was a member of the church but hasnt come in a while because she has been working.  Come to find out, she was the same member that we have been looking for for the longest time, she had abbandoned her house and changed her phone number, but being that she hadnt come to church in a while, she didn tell the church...boom!! Found her and the family is interested, and so we are starting to work with them.  SWEET!  Then the next day we found 2 brothers that are here away from home, the are from Romania and so they have a family there are we talked to them about the Book of Mormon, and they were wanting to know more, we are going to see them on Friday.  And then sunday, we set up 4 return appointments.  The work is finally coming together.  Just in time for transfers, which are next week.  Which means letters...if you wanted to send me something, just send it to the office until I know where I am going, of if I am going, i will tell you next week. 
Endurance has paid off.  "We trust in God and we go on"

Love you guys
Anziano Treadway