Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 22, 2013 Week 2 on the job

Ciao Tutti

This week was really fast.  I cant believe that it just flew the way that it did.  We were very busy the entire time so that was nice.  We had a lot of apartment stuff to do.  Monday we were here in Milano building a sisters apartment and putting in desks.  I will say, things have gotten super hot here, and the pores have opened up and now I am just dripping sweat like nothing.  Arms, legs, face, its like a rain forest.  

Anyways, Tuesday we had a very cool conference.  It was the last of President Wolfgramm...he goes home next week.  That is weird, I never saw this day coming the way that it did.  Its just like he was here, and now its his time, and the thing is, its in the middle of a transfer, and so there is going to be really no, NATURAL break, if you know what i mean.  With missionaries going home, there is that type of 6 week period and you know that they are going home, but with this, its in the middle of this period and he goes home.  But the conference was great anyways.  We talked all about the restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon.  Super cool conference.  At the end, he left us a blessing, and that was really sweet.  I am really going to miss him.  And Sister Wolfgramm.  They have been awesome mission parents. 

Thursday and Friday this week we went back to Padova to finish up the work that was there.  Things went rather smoothly, we had to destroy the apartment inside and throw it all away, and then take on the garage that has just been packed full with stuff from the past 20 years.  Talk about a ton of junk.  We found alot of weird things.  Seriously...stuff that you would never guess.  Well maybe you would, but over like 20 rims for bike tires, 2 bike frames, 6 bikes, tons of tools that were useless, and then garbage for a while.  Yeah we did 2 dump runs, FULL dump runs, and the dump guy didnt let us go to the third one, he wouldnt let us in...what a jerk, because we had put too much stuff in the dump, lets think about that, I cant put garbage in the dump, because I already put too much...yeah that doesnt make sense.  So much for that.  

That brings us to now, things are good, I am tired, I played basketball with President today.  that was a ton of fun, but I havent worked out like that for years...hahahhaa.  

Love you guys

Anziano Treadway