Friday, June 14, 2013

June 12, 2013 TRANSFERS......

Good afternoon everyone...
Well on Monday, I got a call from President Wolfgramm and I am going to be transfered.  I am going to be moved to Milano...the center, and I will be doing a particular assignment.  I am going to be a Traveling Assistant.  WOAH!  My job is basically to go around the entire mission and fix and construct, and find and do everything for apartments because right now we are getting a ton of new apartments.  So that is what I will be doing.  I will also be trying to find some time to do missionary work with the missionaries in their own cities, but for the next 6 weeks I am going to be doing a different side of missionary work.  Its going to be a big time change, but it will be very fun and very cool.  I will see a ton of the cities in the mission.  I am excited.  I am going to be serving with Anziano Moh, who I know pretty well.  I am excited to be with him.  He is super fun to hang out with, and be around, so that will be fun.  First comp from California.  YEAH!!  

This week has been awesome.  I actually did a split with Anziano Moh on thursday ad we had a bunch of success.  We work well together with how we talk and teach and so its a great time.  I went to gorizia.   Horrible looking city..but its okay.  Then on Saturday, we did a missionary concert and we all sang and had a really good turn out.  It was just another way that we could do some missionary work, we needed to change something, so we had 12 missionaries come and perform and it went really well.  But sunday was just amazing. Sunday night, Anziano Russel M. Nelson the apostle came to the stake and did a fireside.  He had an amazing message to bring.  That the biggest most important message that we can bring is to follow the commandments of God.  How true that is.  He had some amazing thoughts and afterwards he shook the hand of everyone.  It was aweomse. It was really a wonderful time.  He remembered you Pops.  That was cool.  We got to take a picture with him, all the misisonaries.  It was sick. 
Things are looking up. Its getting hot.  I am going to have a great week.  Love you all
Anziano Treadway