Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013 How Is It??

So I am here in Genova still with my companion.  I am having a great time again training.  We are having a lot of success with finding people.  He is doing a really good job just going out and doing the work.  We are finding a lot of people that are interested in the message.  Just as a little miracle, i have never had success with English Class, but finally someone wanted to know more.  He is 17 years old and he is awesome.  We are taking it slow with him, but he said that he would come to church so we got to hit on that.  Its going to be a fun time teaching him.  I hope that he takes to the message.  He is reading he Book Of Mormon as of now, so we are going to try to help him  forward.  

Just a really cool story.  Two days ago, I needed to make some phone calls, and set some appointments up, so while we were in the park, i sat down, but I told my comp to go talk to a girl that was just sitting there on a bench.   I saw her and felt like we needed to talk to her, but I thought it would be a good oppurtunity for my comp, still in sight and sound, dont worry, but an oppurtunity to practice some italian.  It was great.  He went and started to talk to her and her boyfriend came over and started to listen and then they wanted to know more, so he got there phone number and we have an appointment with them.  To make it even better, the next day, same thing, I had to make calls and he went and talked to some guy and boom, another appointment.  YEAH!! My comp is just killing it out here.  

things are going really well. We are working really hard and I feel like I have never been better.  I am reading Preach My Gospel daily and that is the key.  Just following that has been such a big help.  

Love you guys

Anziano Treadway