Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 7, 2013 It's Really Hot!!!

You could be thinking that I am talking about the weather, and you are right, its really hot right now.  ANd I am just dripping always, and we played some basketball today with an investigator so we are just really dying right now.  I am really tired....its really hot.  

And then if you want to know about the work...its really hot, and we are doing some really good work right now.  I have seen some of the coolest miracles lately, just striving to teach lessons and help people come unto christ.  I have seen a huge difference when we started to read Preach my Gospel again, just training,we do that kind of thing.  Yeah, but we are seeing some good miracles from it.  I hope that we are able to see some baptisms that could come from this stuff, this work that we are doing.  On Sunday we saw a good looking miracle, we got a cancellation and so being the good trainer I am, hahaha, i put on the big boy pants and we went to work, i knew that we were there for a reason and we needed to find the person.  About the last 5 minutes that we had, i told my comp to talk to some people, and he tried to stop some poeple, nothing and then last person, he asked her about her thoughts about the purpose of life, and nothing, but wait, she stopped in her tracks, turned around and said, WAIT WHAT did you say.  and i was like, NO WAY!!!!!  We started to talk to her and she was really having a hard time with some questions about her parents that had passed away about 30 years ago at the same time, leaving her alone and she wanted to know why...well we had some answers, and we began to tell her, and she told us to come back the next day.  We went and BOOM amazing lesson.  It was just a great lesson, we answered questions using the scriptures...key point.  And her husband said the prayer...yeah.  RIGHT AFTER, this guy stopped us at the bus stop and we started to talk to him and he asked about us, and we started to talk, he had some questions about life too,and things were just falling into our lapp....WOAH!  We are going to see both of them this weekend..AMAZING!  Its great.  I love God, he loves his children.  

I love you guys.  God is a god of miracles.  Remember that

Keep Ballin
Anziano Treadway